How To Upcycle Advertising Refrigerator Magnets

Some companies give out refrigerator magnets to attract customers. These come in handy especially when you want to stick reminders on your refrigerator door. However, most look dull. They usually bear the company logo. Add life to your refrigerator magnets by upcycling them.

Here’s a simple way to upcycle advertising refrigerator magnets.

  • Prepare the things you need. To upcycle advertising refrigerator magnets, you will need cardboard paper, glue, scissors, art or decorative paper. You can choose to use foam as well. Foam adds layer to the finished magnet. You can make thick refrigerator magnets or thin ones. This will depend on the design you want to do. These materials are available in arts and crafts stores.
  • Have a design in mind. Sketch your design to see how it will look like. Decide whether you will use art or decorative paper. You can choose to stick cut outs from magazines, print out pictures from the computer or make your own design by drawing and coloring it. You can stick anything you want on the refrigerator magnet. Do not stick heavy objects. Your design won’t last very long if you stick heavy objects.
  • Make your design. If the advertising refrigerator magnet is too big, you can choose to cut it. The size of your refrigerator magnet will depend on the design you sketched. Make sure to stick the cardboard paper on the magnet before making your design. Because most refrigerator magnets are glossy, ordinary glue will not stick to it. You might need to use super glue to stick the cardboard in place. Be careful when applying the glue. You do not want glue on your hands. Super glue is hard to remove. Press the cardboard paper firmly to make sure that there are no air bubbles. Sticking cardboard paper on the refrigerator magnet will help the other papers stick to the magnet. If you are making multiple layers, make sure to let the glue dry before applying the next layer. If you are making one layer, apply the glue evenly by spreading it out using a paintbrush. Once you have finished making your design, apply a topcoat.
  • Display your upcycled advertising refrigerator magnets. Once the topcoat is dry, you can stick the magnet on your refrigerator door.

You can also give them away as gifts. They are unique and cheap. You can choose to stick a picture of your friend or a picture of something that reminds you of your friend. Personalized refrigerator magnets make good gifts. You do not need to spend a lot just to upcycle one. You can also sell your finished product. This way, you will earn money as well. If you run out of refrigerator magnets, you can ask from your friends or buy plain ones from craft stores.

Remember to wash the paintbrushes you used. The quicker you clean them, the easier to remove the glue. If you get some of the super glue on your hands, you can remove it by pouring liquid gas on it. This is the quickest way to remove super glue. You can also soak the part in a nail polish remover solution.


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