How To Use a Bridal Registry Successfully for Wedding Gifts

If you’re getting married, a bridal registry is a must have. It’s a practical way to let your guests know what you want and need.

When using a bridal registry service, you need to be smart about it. Here’s how you can successfully use the service for wedding gifts for your big day.

  • Sign up early. Don’t wait until too late to sign up for your bridal registry items. If you wait a few weeks before the wedding, many guests may already have purchased something for you. It’s best that you sign up at around the same time you send out your invitations so you can include the registry notification card along with your invitations. However, keep in mind that if you wedding falls on a change of season, many of your items may be on sale or may be out of stock by the time guests comes in to buy.
  • Make sure you put the correct information. Indicate where you want the gifts to be mailed to in case people decide to ship their gifts to you. Will it be to the bride’s home, the groom’s or the common home that you will soon be sharing? If you have any changes, such as new contact numbers or you have moved, let the store know right away. You don’t want your gifts lost in the mail because it got sent to the wrong address.
  • Choose the store carefully. Many stores offer a Bridal registry service. You may want to choose one or two stores to cater to a variety of prices ranges and tastes. Some stores may not have branches available in the neighborhood of your guests. You do have to consider also what is convenient for them. Choose a registry that has an online presence to give your guests the option from shopping at home.
  • Choose items from a wide price range. Don’t be afraid to put that flat screen TV. You never know who’ll get it for you. However, you should also put items in the mid range as well as a few inexpensive items to give your guests a wide selection of items.
  • Choose a lot of items. Another trick to having a successful registry is to choose a wide variety of items. The more items your guests can choose from, the better your chances of you getting it. Think of all the things you need to furnish your entire home. You may even want to include a tool kit and a few other practical items. If you’ve run out of items, you can indicate that you can also be given cash or a gift card.
  • Choose what you want and need. If you want your guests to buy you the items, make sure you don’t choose items that are highly impractical or are too over the top. Choose items that you actually do need and want around in your home.
  • Don’t forget to include the registry card in your invitations. It’s important to let your guests know that you are registered. Include a registry card along with your invitations. You can also note down on your wedding website the names of the stores that you are registered at.

Once you have completed the registry process, it’s a matter of time before your wedding gifts start to arrive. Be sure to thank each guest for the present received. Take advantage of the wedding registry service. If you use it properly, you can successfully get all the presents you want as you start your new life together.


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