How To Use a Hapkido Cane

Hapkido is a martial art that originated from Korea. This type of self defense involves kicking and punching with the use of different types of weaponry including ropes, nunchucks, canes and sticks. Over the years, more and more people learn the art of Hapkido. One of the most popular weapons used in this art form is the cane. If you are just learning how to do Hapkido, here are a few tips that you can use when utilizing the cane.

  • Use of the cane. First, you have to know what the use of the cane is in Hapkido. The cane is used 3 ways in Hapkido. It is used as a stick, a whip and a sword. You can combine the movements of these 3 items when using the cane in Hapkido. There are several techniques that you can use with the cane. You can strike, thrust, lock and hit your opponent with the cane.
  • Striking. When striking, all you have to do is place one hand on each side of the stick and strike forward to your opponent. You can use the lower end of the cane to strike or you can also use the hooked portion or the head of the cane to strike your opponent. Get a firm grip of the cane so that you can control the motions.
  • Locking. The second type of use for the Hapkido cane is locking. Locking is done in order to prevent the opponent from moving or from striking you with his weapon. You can do this several ways. You can lock the body of your opponent by using the cane on his chest or other parts of the body so that he cannot strike.
  • Hitting. Hitting is one of the easiest moves to master in Hapkido. Grip the cane with your hand on the lower end of the cane. Grip it firmly and then lift the can and hit it down using a swift motion.
  • Sword. The cane can be used just like a sword. Hold the cane a few inches from the end on the hooked portion. Swing the cane from side to side or up and down just like a sword. The motions when using the cane as a sword should by swift.
  • Whip. Using the cane as a whip is one of the more advanced techniques that you can learn in Hapkido. It might be a bit difficult to master this move since the cane is hard and stiff unlike a whip. With a lot of practice, it will be easier for you to use the cane as a whip.

These are some of the basic uses of the cane in Hapkido. You can learn more about how to use a can by watching Hapkido instructional videos and tutorials online. You can also visit your local bookstore and purchase Hapkido books so that you can learn other essential facts about the martial art. Make sure that you practice the skill everyday in order for you to move on to more advanced moves in Hapkido.


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