How To Use a Hapkido Rope Stick

Hapkido is a Korean self defense skill that makes use of punching and kicking techniques. In this martial art, you can make use of many different weapons for combat. The weapons that are most commonly used include canes, sticks, swords, ropes and rope sticks and nunchaku. It is best to learn Hapkido by enrolling in classes so that you can learn the right stance, form and techniques that you need. However, you can also learn a few basic techniques by watching tutorials or reading guides online. Here are a few tips that you can use when working with a rope stick in Hapkido.

  • Rope sticks. The rope stick is a short wooden stick that has a loop of rope attached to it at one end. You can do many types of techniques using the rope stick. It is mainly used for striking moves. You can hold the stick at the middle or at the end.
  • Using the stick. To use the stick, place your hand inside the loop of the rope and grip the stick with your hand. The rope is there for support so that the stick will not get thrown when you strike.
  • Striking. One of the basic moves that you can learn using the rope stick is striking. When striking, secure the rope on your wrist and hold the stick at the end. Strike using a swift downward or side motion. There are several striking areas that you can use as target on your opponent. Some of these include the ankle, the wrist, the temple, groin area and behind the head to throw your opponent over.
  • Whipping. The rope stick can also be used as a whip. For this technique, place your hand in the loop of the rope and hold the rope with your hand to let the stick hang loose. Use the rope to whip the stick around. Be careful especially if you are doing this for the first time. You can easily hit yourself with the swinging stick.
  • Practice. It takes some time before you can be comfortable using the rope stick, especially if you are doing the whipping technique. It is advisable to practice Hapkido using the rope stick everyday so that you can get used to the motions and be comfortable with the weapon.
  • These are some of the tips that you can use if you are practicing Hapkido with the use of a rope stick. Here are some Hapkido websites that you can visit to learn more techniques.
  • Overview: Hapkido Techniques – This is a good website to visit if you are just a beginner in Hapkido. Some of the topics that are discussed on the website include the history, breathing and techniques. You can also view some videos that will help you in training for Hapkido.

Hapkido Info – Hapkido Info is another website that you can visit to know more about the martial art. There are plenty of categories you can choose from including the history, basic principles of the skill and many more. There are also useful links that will show you some books and videos about Hapkido.


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