How To Use a Hydraulic Pipe Bender

If you do a lot of remodeling in your home, you might come across some pipes that need to be bent in order to fit into a specific area or for other uses. To save some money on having someone to do the job for you, you can use a hydraulic pipe bender. A hydraulic pipe bender is quite expensive but if you do a lot of pipe bending at home, it will be well worth it. Here are the steps in using a hydraulic pipe bender.

  • Attach the hydraulic pipe bender. Get your hydraulic pump bender and attach it to your hydraulic pump. To do this, get the end of your hose and release the ring that is on the fastener. Hold the ring back and attach the end of the hose to the hydraulic pipe bender. When it is already attached, put the ring back in place. Make sure that the ends are connected tightly together by tugging on a hose gently.
  • Secure the pin. The next step is to secure the pin in place so that you can bend the pipe properly. To do this, secure the pin on the hydraulic tube bender. The pin must be the right size for the pipe that you are going to bend. Lock the pin in place to keep the pipe in the right place while it is being bent.
  • Preparations. Prepare the pipe that you want to bend. Secure the pipe on the hydraulic pipe bender. Make sure that it is secured properly by using the locking arm. This will make sure that the pipe will not be moving as you are bending it. Try to move the pipe to see if you have locked it in place properly.
  • Bend the pipe. You can start bending the pipe once it is on the hydraulic pipe bender. You have to know how bent you want the pipe to be so that you can end up with the shape that you are looking for. Switch on the hydraulic pump bender. Remove your hands from the mechanism while it is working to avoid accidents. Wait for the pipe to finish bending. Afterwards, turn off the hydraulic pipe bender and release the locking mechanism to get the tube out. Inspect the tube to see if you are happy with the results. Repeat the steps with the other pipes that you have.
  • Remove the hydraulic pipe bender. When you are done with bending your pipes, detach the hydraulic pipe bender from your hydraulic pump. Release the ring and then detach the hydraulic pipe bender hose from its connection. Afterwards, place the ring back in place.

These are the steps that you can follow when using a hydraulic pipe bender. You should not use this equipment if you are not familiar with what you are doing. The hydraulic pipe bender can be very dangerous if you are not familiar with it. You should always step away from the hydraulic pipe bender while the bending is in progress.


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