How To Use a Rife Machine

It was Royal Raymond Rife, an American inventor, who invented the Rife machine to try to kill or decrease pathogenic organisms to help cure diseases such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, chronic fatigue, some mental or emotional disabilities, and a lot more. In 1987, the book “The Cancer Cure That Worked” was published, stating how the Rife machine actually worked. Since then, many cancer patients have used it in the hope of getting cured. Although the makers of these machines do not and cannot necessarily ensure its capabilities, a lot of cancer survivors have confirmed its efficiency.

If you have a Rife machine and are not sure how to use it, just follow these steps:

  • Find out what type of Rife machine you have. The two types of Rife machines are the direct contact Rife machine and the ray tube Rife machine. Frequencies are transmitted directly through contact to the skin with the direct contact Rife machine. On the other hand, the ray tube type Rife machine transmits these frequencies through the air, and indirectly to the user. Because it is indirect, it requires a higher level of power and intensity of frequency.
  • Find out what frequency is best suited for you. To find out what frequency you will need to set the Rife machine in, you can look through the manual that comes with it or search online through your Internet browser. However, the best way to find out what frequency to use is to ask a medical doctor about it. What disease are you trying to get rid of or to target, and how high should you set the frequency? This is important to know as it will be a big factor in the Rife machine’s efficiency.
  • Position the contact pads of the Rife machine on to your body. This step is applicable if you are using a direct contact Rife machine. You will need to find the proper place to position the contact pads on your body. Do not forget to read the manual before placing the contact pads as there are prohibitions that come with its usage. For example, you should not position the contact pads near your eyes, your heart, or the front of your neck. These are all written on the manual that will come with you Rife machine. Meanwhile, some direct contact Rife machines require hand-held paddles when you use it. All you need to do is hold a paddle in each of your hands.
  • Start the Rife machine. Now that you are ready, you can turn the Rife machine on. You will need to sit still while the frequencies are being transmitted on through your body. The process will take about ten to thirty minutes depending on the requirement of your body. Sit still and wait until your time is up. When you are done, simply take out the contact pads or put the paddles down and turn the Rife machine off.

Remember that the claims on the efficiency of the Rife machine are solely based on the opinion of its users. The Rife machine may or may not work to cure whatever sickness you have. Despite the controversies revolving around the use of Rife machines, it will not hurt to try since there have been no claims of negative or harmful side effects from it.


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