How To Use a Rotisserie on a Barbeque

A rotisserie is used to roast different kinds of meat, vegetables, and other food. The rotisserie was initially used for cooking food in large households. In those early days, rotisseries did not have modern electronic motors. Servants would have to turn the spit slowly all throughout the process of cooking the food.

There are two very common kinds of rotisseries. They are the vertical and the horizontal rotisserie. If you want to use the rotisserie on a barbeque, you will need the horizontal kind.

To use your rotisserie, follow these quick and easy steps that will guide you through the proper method of cooking:

  • Familiarize yourself with the parts of the rotisserie. This bit is easy as there is only three parts in your rotisserie – the spit, the mounting brackets, and the electronic motor. The spit is the long rod that is used to hold the food that you are cooking. The mounting brackets are what will hold up the spit. While the electronic motor is what will rotate your rotisserie. The motor can be set into different speeds depending on the food that you will be cooking.
  • Set up your rotisserie. To set up your rotisserie, first take the width of your grill. The spit should be at least three inches longer that the width of your grill. If you find the spit to be the right size, you can now mount it on to your grill. Use the mounting brackets to do this and make sure that they fit into the hood of your grill. When you are done mounting the spit, you can attach the end of the rod to the electronic motor.
  • Choose food that will fit properly into your spit. The spit that you have should be able to hold the food that you will cook stable. Put the food into the rod so that it is balanced when you mount it. If you are cooking smaller pieces of food, use a rotisserie basket. These baskets usually come with the rotisserie set. Make sure that you do not place the food directly over the heat as it will not cook properly.
  • Set the speed of your electronic motor accordingly. Depending on the food that you want to cook, set the speed of your electronic motor. Set the speed slower if you are cooking big pieces of food, and faster for smaller pieces. Setting the speed is important in making sure that your food gets cooked properly and evenly.
  • Brush the food with its fluid while cooking. It is best to use a drip pan to catch the fluid from the food that you are cooking. This will help gather the moisture from cooking. Keep an eye on your food and make sure that you baste fluid on it.
  • Set proper heating while cooking. Depending on the food that you are preparing, set the heat of your grill as necessary. Follow the recipe that you got or set the fire to the right amount that you know.

You can now enjoy the food that you made with your rotisserie on your barbeque!


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