How To Use a Sears Power Washer

A power washer or a pressure washer is used for cleaning buildings, surfaces and furniture using high pressure water. It’s usually made of a motor, which is the life of the machine, high pressure hose where the water runs and a switch to turn the machine on. Different types of nozzles are used depending on the thing that you will be cleaning. Power or pressure washers have different types as well such as electric pressure washer, diesel pressure washer, petrol pressure washer, gas pressure washer, ultra high pressure washer, hydraulic high pressure washer and high pressure steam cleaner. If you have furniture to clean or areas in your house that need the use of power washer, you can hire a professional to work for you or rent a machine and clean by yourself. Hiring someone will be very costly. Though you can rent the machine, you may also want to think of buying a power washer so you don’t have to rent whenever you need to use this. This will save you more money in the long run. Besides, there are brands that are sold cheaper but with the same quality. Sears power washer is a gas pressure washer made by Craftsman, which is relatively cheaper but works well.

Here are the steps on how to use Sears power washer.

  • Prepare the things that you will need for cleaning. These are Sears power washer, water hose, nozzles, goggles, shoes, detergent and gasoline. Wearing goggles and shoes is very important because the pressure from the water can easily strip off your skin. The goggles and shoes will serve as you protection. Furthermore, do not wear new clothes when cleaning especially if the area or things that you will be cleaning are very dirty. Instead, wear clothes that you no longer use.
  • Fill the machine with water. Attach the water hose to the connector on the machine and the other end on the spigot. Turn the spigot to high so the machine will be filled with water. Check to make sure that machine have enough gasoline. Add more if necessary for it to work properly. The cap for the gasoline should be secured well to prevent water from entering the tank.
  • Connect nozzle and power washer hose to the machine. If you will be cleaning large areas, attach nozzle with bigger opening. If you will be cleaning small areas, attach nozzle with small opening. Attach the power washer hose with nozzle to the power washer machine. You may also add detergent if you wish. However, this is not needed so it’s okay not to do this.

Once everything is set up, turn on the machine to start cleaning. It’s best to start from upper area to the bottom. Before starting to clean, plan on how to drain water since large amount of water will surely be used. You want to clean without flooding your house. Point to the area where you will be cleaning when you turn on the machine. Do not play with this because it’s very dangerous. Keep children away while you’re cleaning using the power washer.


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