How To Use Agent Query Website

Agent Query is a one-stop online resource that helps writers look for literary agents and publishers. It was created by computer programmers, web designers, and writers. Literary agents in Agent Query are certified with genuine publishing contacts and book sales. They profit from sales commissions, not by charging costs to their potential or existing clients. Some don’t have comprehensive sales track record yet but they’re affiliated with established agencies or they have prior publishing experience like as an agent’s assistant or an editor.

But before you can enjoy the benefits of this website, you have to know how to use the Agent Query website first.

  • Be the author that Agent Query agents are looking for. They help fiction and nonfiction writers. In fiction, they are more particular with authors of children’s books and short stories. However, there is not enough demand for authors of poetry, playwrights, screenwriters, and freelance magazine writers. But still, give it a try. Agent Query wants to help different kinds of writers. You just need to communicate with the agents frequently because they are willing to help.
  • Have a particular publishing agency in mind. This is a time saver because there are a lot of agencies out there and it’s time consuming browsing them all. The goal here is to verify the given information of your preferred publishing agency in contrast to the opinions and given facts by the pool of writers and contributors of Agent Query.
  • Look for a publishing agency. What if you don’t have an agency in mind? Utilize the full search feature. You’ll be asked of various inquiries like what is your preferred genre? You’ll also be asked if it’s ok with you if they’re affiliated with AAR? Are you only interested in agencies that accept electronic mail submissions? Are you concerned only to agencies that are active in adding clients? Your answer to these inquiries will help Agent Query to match your preferences to literary agents that can fill your needs. They will give you information about the links, e-mails, addresses, reference persons, and submission guidelines and policies if they have it. However, you still need to scrutinize and check the information given before you make any call to their provided publishers.
  • Use AQ Connect to your benefit. The website isn’t all about finding publishing agents. They started AQ Connect, which is a networking community of different levels of writers who can meet online or offline to discuss about their craft. There is no charge in joining. Instead, you’ll get critique buddies and a profile so the AQ community will determine your experience level and areas of interests. The profile is helpful for matching your skills and interests with possible agents.
  • Provide updated resources and information to Agent Query. Besides the information you’ll give, make notes about other concerns so they can give you their best support. Also, help Agent Query. It’s really helpful to have a writer’s pool and that’s all thanks to them. If you have the chance, help them back by giving them information if you’ve met a new agent, and if you get information about the agent and his agency. Tell them anything that might interest them.

There is competition in writing. But writers must help one another to get published. It’s such a shame for talented writers to be unpublished just because they are lacking connections. Agent Query is a solution to that. You only need to know how to properly use it to your advantage.


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