How To Use Bleach to Clean a Coffee Thermos

Some of the most popular containers of hot or cold liquids are coffee flasks or stainless steel canisters. It can retain the temperature of the drink for long periods of time and has the added benefit of looking hip and stylish. One major issue with a stainless steel flask is that it’s a little bit difficult to clean and the coffee can stain the container after a while. You can follow the steps below if you want to effectively clean your flask especially when you are planning to put in a different kind of beverage aside from coffee. There is also a list of items that you need to have before you start cleaning away your thermos.

  • Materials that you will need:
    • Thermos
    • Bottle brush
    • Dish soap
    • Bleach
    • Some water
  • Diluting your bleach. Your first step is to make the water and bleach mixture, which would be used for the cleaning of the flask. Make sure that the warm to hot water and bleach ratio does not exceed 1 is to 8. So for example, you will need an eighth of a cup of bleach to mix with one cup of water. Bleach can be very corrosive if concentrated so make sure you dilute it properly.
  • Adding some dishwashing liquid. When you have diluted your bleach, add about a teaspoon of your favorite dishwashing liquid to the mixture.
  • Letting the flask soak in the bleach. Once you are done with the mixture, shake it up for a while and let it soak in the canister for half an hour or so. Once the half hour is done, insert your bottle brush into the canister and move the brush briskly up and down the canister.
  • Rinsing the flask. Once you are done washing the inside, rinse the flask well and make sure there is no left over soap in the canister. Ingesting bleach is very dangerous, needless to say, so you have to make sure that the canister is free from the soap.
  • Wiping the outside portion of the flask. When you are done cleaning the inside of the flask, wipe the outside portion with a soft rag to buff the surface. If the soap is well rinsed out, the exterior should be shiny and gleaming, without any trace of soap or white stains.
  • Frequency of cleaning. To avoid embedded coffee stains, you should rinse out your flask every weekend or every five to 6 uses of your thermos filled with coffee. Long standing stains can be very difficult to remove and some of them may even leave the coffee flavor behind, especially if you are a strong coffee drinker.

Whatever happens, make sure that you have repeatedly rinsed out the container so that your favorite cup of coffee will not taste like your favorite dishwashing soap during your breakfast time. You can also do this to other containers with stains such as dishes that are stained with tomato sauce and the like. Bleach is very good at taking out discoloration and odor from other materials so it is very handy to have in your kitchen. Just make sure you dilute them before use.


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