How To Use Bug Bombs to Kill Roaches

You cannot totally get rid of roaches. They’ve been around since the time of the T-Rex so it’s a proven fact that these pests are survivors. Some of the facts that you may not know about roaches are the following:

  • They are capable of surviving headless for one whole week.
  • Female roaches mate once and stay pregnant forever! One female roach can give birth to 150 baby roaches in a year’s time!
  • The most enduring specie of roaches is the German roach.
  • The largest specie is the American roach.
  • There are 4500 species of roaches all capable of spreading germs and bacteria.
Don’t be surprised that with the roaches’ instinct to survive and reproduce, future generations of human beings will make their acquaintance in unpleasant ways often involving a lot of banshee-like screaming and jumping around. However, you have the power to control the roach population by keeping your home clean from top to bottom and occasionally using bug bombs to annihilate as many roaches as you can.

Here’s how.

  • Wear a mask. To protect your nose and eyes from the chemical cocktail of the bug bomb as soon as you start spraying.
  • Pick your bug bomb of choice. Before going to the pesticide spray aisle of the supermarket, here’s something that you ought to know, bug bombs contain chemicals that can harm you. Much of the ingredients listed in an aerosol can of bug bomb are going to be incomprehensible to you but one thing is uncontestable, a can of bug bomb will keep roach numbers down. It’s a chemical cocktail, yes, but it’s the fastest way to kill roaches. When buying a can of bug bomb, choose the one with a slim nozzle that you can insert through wet and dark corners and crevices in your home where roaches are guaranteed to hide and thrive.
  • Make sure you have enough cans of bug bombs to cover your home. Roaches are fast runners and once they detect the chemical spray in the air, they can run fast and take cover somewhere in your home that the spray can’t reach. You can address this situation by making sure there’s no place left to hide for them.
  • Cover your furniture and remove carpets. The bug bomb spray will cover everything in its path and will settle on everything. Prior to spraying, cover your furniture and remove carpets under coffee tables. The barer the floors, the better it is.
  • Close the windows and doors. You need to make sure that the spray from the can of bug bomb remains concentrated inside your home. If you leave windows and doors open, the chemical cocktail will dissipate into the outdoors and will defeat your purpose.
  • Turn off all the appliances. Especially fans and air conditioners as these will help dissipate the spray before killing roaches.
  • Get out of the house for a minimum of 4 hours. After spraying your entire home, you can see a thick mist covering your home. Get out and make sure no one’s left inside the home for at least 4 hours. Hit the mall or the park. Just be anywhere except inside your home.
  • Open the windows to clear the air. After 4 hours, go back inside your home and immediately open windows and doors to let fresh air in. This should be done to clear the air of any remaining fumes.    
  • Sweep dead roaches off the floor and observe the following hygienic practices. Take a broom and start sweeping dead roaches off the floor. Dispose of the roaches properly by collecting them in a separate garbage bag. Do not handle the roaches with your hands. Roaches are full of germs and bacteria. Wash your hands very thoroughly after.

You are not being encouraged to regularly spray a can of bug bomb in your home. This is unsafe practice. If you have a really bad roach situation that you can no longer handle, call in a professional pest exterminator and let them handle the job in the safest and most reliable way.   


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