How To Use Clove Oil as an Insect Repellent

When you’re enjoying the outdoors, don’t let pesky mosquitoes ruin the moment. With the proper use of insect repellent, you can get those bugs and other mosquitoes to stay away. There are many formulas available in the market which contain various insect repelling ingredients. However, if you want a natural ingredient that is effective in keeping mosquitoes and other bugs away, then try clove oil.

Here’s how to use clove oil as an insect repellent.

  • Purchase a ready-made formula. One way you can use of clove oil as an insect repellent is to buy products that already use this ingredient in its formulations. You can try natural health food stores and read the label to find the highest concentration of clove oil in the product. The higher the clove oil is listed on the ingredients list, the more concentrated it is. Clove oil may be used or mixed in conjunction with other essential oils known to repel insects, such as citronella, lemon and eucalyptus oil.
  • Make your own clove oil based repellent. If you’re able to buy some clove oil, then you can make your own insect repellent. In a small plastic spray bottle, combine one teaspoon of clove oil with ten teaspoons of distilled water. Give the bottle a good shake and then spray away. Because clove oil in its essential and undiluted form is very strong, it cannot be applied directly on the skin. You must always dilute the oil with a carrier liquid such as distilled water or even soybean oil, which has been shown to repel insects as well.
  • Combine the clove oil with other insect repelling ingredients. To increase the efficacy of the clove oil as an insect repellent, you may combine it with other ingredients that are known to be repellent to mosquitoes and other flying insects. The most popularly used essential oil you can mix clove oil with is citronella oil. You may also choose to mix it up with thyme oil. If you have access to it, neem oil from the neem plant is also an effective oil to combine with clove oil to repel mosquitoes. Geranium, soybean and coconut oil can also be used in place of distilled water to make a homemade insect repellent solution.
  • Have clove plants around your home. If you want to keep mosquitoes away, you may use your yard to do the trick. Have plants and trees that are known to repel mosquitoes. You can have a clove plant in a small pot and keep it indoors if you wish. If you want, you may also make a cluster of insect repelling plants such as neem and clove.
  • Apply as needed and reapply after two hours or more. Once you have your solution made, you should spray it on your person. Go ahead and spray it on fabrics as well as the areas where you will be staying. You can spray the clove oil repellent on the leaves of your plants. Spray the repellent on exposed areas of skin as well as clothing. You may want to test for color fastness when dealing with delicate fabrics.

The next time you plan on staying outdoors, bring along some of your clove oil repellant to keep the bugs away. It’s safe and effective.


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