How To Use Cranberry Juice for Asthma

Having asthma is discomforting because of difficulty in breathing. The common reasons are mucus accumulation in the lungs and subsequent obstruction of air passages. Besides medicinal drugs, you can counteract asthma with natural methods. Cranberry juice is one natural ingredient that you can use to cure asthma. Below are guides on how to use cranberry juice for asthma:

  • Boil the cranberries. The amount of cranberries that you’ll use doesn’t matter. Skin the berries and squash them. Then, boil them in a pot of distilled water for about 15 minutes. The berries have active ingredients akin to prescribed drugs for curing asthma, so it’s an effective remedy. Let the boiled berried to cool down. Store the juice in a tightly closed container or glass jar and keep in a refrigerator.
  • Use the cranberries. Put three to four teaspoons of mashed cranberries in a cup. Boil water to ensure that it’s hot. Sip the water gradually while it’s still hot. Besides giving you relief from breathing, sipping mashed cranberries with hot water will relieve you of throat itchiness and free your nasal passageways. Add honey, or sugar if you prefer or if a patient is already developing a dislike to the taste.
  • Natural cranberry juice. Consider it especially if it’s 100% fruit juice. It’s helpful for a patient because it cuts away the boredom of sipping hot cranberry juice. It’s also premade so a patient can drink it anytime. Concentrated cranberry juice is cheaper yet less effective than the puree.
  • Besides asthma, cranberry juice can also cure urinary tract infection, reduce cholesterol level, and prevent ulcers and fast aging. Buy the freshest cranberries possible. You can buy them at local grocery stores or organic farms.
  • Always ensure that you have cranberries at home especially during cold seasons where asthma usually attacks. Besides cranberries and other natural health ingredients, you must also store the prescribed medicine for the patient.
  • Try other natural ways to cure asthma. Try chamomile, omega fatty acid, dry grapes, garlic, and vitamin C. Natural ways in curing asthma are beneficial because they’re organic and they’re economical. Most of these ingredients can be found at home. If not, start cultivating these plants. They have also other health benefits besides asthma relief. Plus, planting itself is a healthy activity with a lot of benefits for the body.
  • Devote some time to study natural ways of healing. Most of the time, they’re more beneficial and you’ll save lots of money compared to buying commercial medicines and supplements.
  • Observe precautions besides treating your asthma. Keep yourself away from dust as possible. Perform yoga breathing exercises under your physician’s advice. It will strengthen your lungs to help you breathe easily. Don’t sleep with a full stomach and don’t eat before going to bed. Determine the foods that trigger asthma, and make notes to remember them. Make a habit of eating more fruits, and veggies rather than eating meat.

Consult a physician in the first symptoms of asthma especially if children are the ones affected. Make extra focus on the health condition of a person with asthma. Besides using cranberry juice, follow the doctor’s advice.


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