How To Use Digg to Promote Your eHow Articles

If you want to increase the traffic of your eHow articles, consider promoting your works using digg. Digg is a social news website, which works by giving articles the needed exposure. The mechanics is simple. You need to post your articles to the site and allow digg users to vote for your articles (“digg”). More votes mean good traffic. And if your articles make it to the digg homepage, you will get even better traffic results. Here’s how you can use digg to promote your eHow articles.

  • Make an account. The good thing about digg is that signing up for an account is free and simple. Just go to the Sign up section and type the needed information. It only takes a few minutes to make an account. And you can immediately use the website right after signing up.
  • Submit your eHow articles. Go to your eHow article page. Locate the digg Submit button. Click on it. You will then have to follow the instructions and supply the needed information, including the URL of the eHow article, short description, and category. Once everything is in, submit the article. Submission of articles can be done within minutes.
  • Wait for people to digg your eHow articles. By the looks of things, people like to digg how-to articles. And this means only one thing: you have an edge. However, remember that people do demand substantial and informative articles. So if your eHow articles don’t have these two qualities, they lose all their chances of being dugg. But if they are really good, the articles can gather votes really quick.
  • Digg your own articles. Voting for your own articles is permissible. However, make sure not to digg only what you have written. Digg is a community, which means you should also consider digging the articles other digg users wrote. Who knows, they might return the favor by digging your eHow articles. But remember not to use this as a strategy. You should only digg the articles that are worth digging. Digging articles in the hopes of being dugg is a form of cheating.
  • Create backlinks. Backlinks are links leading to your eHow articles, which are embedded in other websites. If you have a digg listing plus several backlinks, your articles will get higher ranking in the search engine result list. However, make sure to limit your backlinks to a number that doesn’t qualify as spamming.
  • Submit still. What if your articles receive no votes other than the ones you made yourself? It’s okay. Even if your articles are not dugg, they can still make it to the search engine result list. For as long as your articles are in digg, they will get pretty much high traffic. But of course, it is still best to be dugg.

There are other social news sites that you can use. One example is Netscape. Compared to digg, Netscape measures ranking by the number of votes an article gets in a particular timeframe. The more votes it gains in a short period of time, the higher its ranking will be.


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