How To Use Dowsing to Find the Perfect Mate

And you thought that dowsing was used just for finding water? You are wrong. The “science” behind dowsing is really not that shocking, as dowsing is really the practice of harnessing a person’s intuitive ability - and yes, all of us have this innate intuition. Conscience, intuition, moral compass, and mother’s instinct – a person’s intuitive ability is called by many different things and comes in various forms but the essence of dowsing is there. We are innately equipped to know what is good and bad for us.

Dowsing is also not really a foreign or a shocking idea. People have tried connecting in many ways, in ways beyond what is considered conventional. For example, people rely on astrology, horoscope profiles, tarot cards and the like to find mates. People also use classified ads, the Internet and chat rooms to connect with people whom they’ve never seen, heard and met. How differently weird is it to use one’s intuition (dowsing) in finding a mate? Not so far is it?

  • You can simply use your body for dowsing but for those who aren’t trained and taught to interpret the body’s subtlest responses; it is advised that you use typical dowsing instruments such as L-rods and pendulums to help you. You mind and body will channel those intuitive abilities into a dowsing tool. These tools will help magnify and interpret your body’s responses to questions. As you already know, the body conveys itself even in the most subtle of movements. The instruments will serve as the megaphones of your body’s responses. Here’s how to use dowsing to find the perfect mate.
  • To prepare for the dowsing process, you must be stress free and hydrated. Get a long night’s rest and drink the number of recommended glasses per day.
  • To get in tune with your mind, body and spirit, relax yourself and get into the proper mindset by doing a few deep breathing exercises. Avoid any external distractions. One tip that many yogis do to focus is focus all there energies on the chakra located at the center of the forehead. Imagine that your life-force is centered there.
  • Once your body and mind are at a peaceful state, take your pendulum and hold it at the tips of your pointer finger and thumb and gently swing it. Make it known to the universe that you are seeking answers by declaring, “This is my ‘ready’ position.”
  • Yes position. To indicate a “yes” response, swing the pendulum straight forward and away from you. Make it known to the universe that that is your “yes” response by declaring, “This is my ‘Yes’ response.”
  • No position. To indicate a “no” response, swing your pendulum to the left at a 90 degree angle. Once again, declare to the universe that this is your “No” response.
  • Swing the pendulum a few times and repeating the response to the respective movement. Your mind will pick up these patterns/correlations and will answer your questions with the respective pendulum movement.
  • Asking the right questions. Asking questions is just as important as the dowsing technique is asking the right questions. Be specific and make no room for misinterpretation when asking your questions. The mind works in mysterious ways and has an enormous pool of information. The mind processes questions and answers very literally so be very careful in how you phrase your questions. Example of a poor question is: “Is Jasper the one?” A better phrased question would be: “Can Jasper provide me with emotional support?”

Practice a bit until your body responds accordingly. You may search online on how to improve phrasing your questions for dowsing and on how to improve your spiritual, mental, and emotional connection with your body. Good luck! Trust your instincts!


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