How To Use Ethernet Over Power Outlets

The inception of Wireless routers has brought an age where the traditional Ethernet cables have lived out their usefulness. Many home and office networks connect computers to Wi-Fi technology thus, eliminating the need to lay out wires. In reality, though, Ethernet cables are still the most stable and secure mediums to use when connecting to a network. This is probably why some people and companies still prefer it. For those that do, the problem of laying out the wires throughout an office or a home becomes a Herculean task, especially if the computers are located in different rooms. Fortunately, there is a way to side step this through the use of power outlets.

Believe it or not, you can actually send and receive digital data using the electrical wiring in your office or home. And, you can do it without having to replace any wires or do any wiring at all.

  • Picture the situation. Before proceeding on how this fantastic option is done, you will need to picture a circumstance to realize the need for such a setup. Say you have a router on the far end of the office. This router is connected to the coax or Ethernet provider coming from your ISP or Internet Service Provider. The problem is that your computer is located far away from that particular router. And, a Wi-Fi signal is just not strong enough due to a number of closed walls separating your computer from the router. That said your only option is running an Ethernet cable from the router to your computer. Unfortunately, you will have to drill some holes through certain walls in order for the cable to get through. Not a job you would like, especially, if you will be running a 75-meter cable from your router all the way to the computer. In addition, you will need to find a way to hide or conceal the cable since any running cable that is exposed can be quite unsightly.
  • Consider the solution. You have been presented the situation, now comes the solution. It is such a great thing that technology can actually answer a lot of your digital logistics problems. In this case, network cabling. There is actually an Ethernet to power (and vice versa) adapter that you can purchase at any computer store that will allow you to extend your network through Ethernet without having to run long lines of cable. The adapter will have an Ethernet port and a regular power plug. Plug the Ethernet cable into the given port and plug that adapter into a normal power socket. On the other end, where your computer is located, do the same thing. The adapters will act as a converter and relay that will allow data to be streamed from your computer to your router and vice versa.

Now, some computer stores may not carry this type of technology. If that is the case, consider looking for an Ethernet to/over power adapter online. Googling it should do the trick.

There it is—the problem and the solution. You can now enjoy a fast and stable Ethernet connection to your ISP without having to deal with the messy cabling problem.


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