How To Use Fake Wedding Flowers for a Bouquet

The question has been popped. You answered “Yes!” with matching tears. You have a ring to prove it. You’re engaged! Now comes the wedding planning and you’ve made it clear that real flowers are out because you’re allergic to pollen and would hate to be medicated on your big day. That can be arranged by using fake wedding flowers as a substitute for real ones! It’s the best idea ever! You’ll be spending less, your guests won’t even know they’re fake ones, and you can have any kind of flower that you want without worrying if it’s in season! Here’s how to use fake wedding flower for a bouquet!

  • Set a budget for your bouquet. The best and closest thing that you can get to fake wedding flowers looking like the real deal is to choose those that are made of silk. Elaborate bouquets will only cost around the ballpark of $70.00, which is a steal!
  • Look at different bouquet designs. By now you’re probably stocking up on bridal magazines or surfing the internet for bridal bouquet ideas. Good work, bride-to-be! This early in the planning stages of your wedding you must not fall into the trap of making final decisions straightaway. Go through bouquet designs: if you’re leafing through bridal magazine pages, get post-its and a pen ready for you to label the designs you like from the least to the most liked ones; if you’re surfing the net, you can print the designs that you like off the website page. Collate the bouquet designs and mull over which one will make the final cut when the time comes for you to make a decision.
  • Pick your favorite flowers. Sure, roses are often the standard choice when it comes to bridal bouquets but it doesn’t have to be your choice. There are other varieties to choose from: Butterfly-shaped orchids, Gerbera Daisies, Callas Lilies, Ranunclus, Stephanotis, Lilies, Carnations, and Peonies. All of these are equally beautiful, colorful, and best of all, easily translatable to fake bouquets, thanks to the availability of silk.
  • Decide on a shade of color. Silk flowers need to be dyed to emulate the shade that will look good with your wedding gown. A burst of color for your bouquet is fine but too much color will draw the eyes to what you’re holding instead of on you. Thus, a good solid color would be best for your wedding bouquet. You can have a variety of fake flowers but have these dyed in one shade as advised.
  • Include ribbons and leaves in the design. In case, the bouquet looks too plain, accents like ribbons and leaves will immediately turn your bouquet from plain to pretty.
  • Ask the florist to create designs from your top picks. You won’t be hard put looking for a florist that does fake wedding bouquets so when you have settled on a wedding florist, take out the designs that you have collated and collaborate with your florist. Your florist shall then come up with sketches for you to see. Take your pick and leave the rest to the florist’s able hands.

Make sure your bouquet won’t overshadow the star of the show. Ultimately the attention should be focused on you alone. This is your wedding day and that’s nothing to sneeze at!


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