How To Use Home Remedies to Treat Bunions

Bunions are abnormal protrusions located on the joint and are found under the big toe. There is a severe enlargement of the base joint resulting into the big toe being moved towards your other toes making it misaligned and a swollen, sometimes painful bump making it uncomfortable to wear shoes and other footwear.

It arises from a variety of causes. One of the leading causes of bunions is the wearing of tight-fitting shoes. Other factors leading to bunions include genetic inheritance and another medical condition known as arthritis. The most precise and accurate way of eliminating bunions is through surgical procedures. However, there are numerous household remedies available that could help alleviate some of the pain that the condition brings. Here are some of those home remedies for treating bunions.

  • Remove tight fitting shoes. When you are in pain, remove your shoes, especially if you are wearing narrow or high-heeled shoes. You need to give your feet a break to find some relief.
  • Apply ice directly. One of the best ways of reducing the swelling and size of the protrusion is to apply an ice pack over the area. Doing so would significantly relieve you of pain and lessen the redness and severity of the inflammation. This procedure works on the principle that inducing low temperatures upon an inflamed area would help relax the blood vessels thus lessening the overall manifestations of the said condition. Make sure that you do not apply the ice on your skin for over a very long period of time for this would cause blistering and frost bites.
  • Dip your feet in warm water and salt. Prepare a container with warm water and then add Epsom salt. This mixture would actually relieve you of pain brought about by bunions. Soak your feet in the solution on a daily basis for about ten to fifteen minutes at the end of the day.
  • Administer particular lubricants on the affected area. In order to avoid brushing the affected area onto the sides of your shoes, it is a good idea to use lubricants. However, it is important to make sure that the lubricant you use does not pose any allergic threat or other harmful effects on your skin.
  • Purchase toe separators. Since bunions cause your big toe to crowd your other four toes, it is important to relieve the pressure and pain inflicted upon the former to the latter. Toe separators and cloth paddings are readily available in the market. You could use the items in order to take off pressure upon both your big toe and the rest of your toes. Wear the separators for at least fifteen minutes as day to help properly realign your toes.
  • Try other types of footwear. Open-toed footwear is most apt when dealing with medical conditions such as bunions. Not only does it provide relief from pain, it also gives the appropriate ventilation and air in order to control the inflammation and allow for fast healing.

With the above steps and the appropriate knowledge on bunions, you could readily lower the complications and symptoms of the said disorder. However, household remedies would not serve as a substitute from the advice of a professional such as your local doctor or physician.


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