How To Use Jenny Craig's Online Menu Planner

In today’s world where fitness is of utmost importance, many of us are struggling not only how to get in shape but how to stay in shape as well. This is why our market is flooded with all types of diet schemes and paraphernalia enticing consumers on how to keep the weight down in the easiest way possible. Unfortunately, most of these schemes do not live up to their promises, as most results are usually only temporary. Most health practitioners advise that to stay fit, one must have the necessary discipline and commitment to achieve a healthy body—and the only two things guaranteed to pull it off is through a balanced diet and an adequate amount of exercise. This is what the Jenny Craig program is all about. Through the years, this program has strived to help people get back to shape not by pushing them to take dangerous slimming pills but by teaching them the proper way to count their calorie intake. This and exercise, they believe, is the smartest and healthiest way to get fit.

Do you want to know how to count your calories? If so, then read on to find out.

  • The program. The Jenny Craig online menu planner is a concept made by the Jenny Craig diet program to help people realize that in order to get in shape, what they eat matters. This planner aims to inform people about the calorie content of everything they eat throughout the day. With this, a person can plan a menu based on a calorie level that is recommended for his/her height and age. This way, the planner serves as the person’s very own calorie counter or calculator.
  • Signing up. Start by visiting the Jenny Craig website at Get yourself acquainted with how the program works and how it continually serves its million other clients. Feel free to read testimonials of people who have managed to get their lives back with the help of the program. Get inspired by their success stories and be motivated to make the same changes in yourself too. Registering an account with them is one way to go about this. Create your personal MY JENNY account by clicking its registration form. Do not worry about money because it is offered free.
  • Managing your account. Once you are registered, navigate the website and feel free to familiarize yourself with the options available for you. Here is where you will see the customizable menu planner. Choose the tab and fill out the necessary information. Once information is verified, you will be directed to your main page.
  • Menu planning. Now that everything is in order, start creating your menu. Choose the PLAN A PERSONALIZED MENU option from the MENU PLANNER tab. Customize it to your liking by creating a name for one particular menu. Next, choose your ideal caloric level. Choose between a personalized or day-by-day type. Pick the personalized kind for a more comprehensive menu planning. Add food by choosing from a list of recommended food that adheres to your caloric needs. Once done, save and print your menu and post it on your refrigerator.

Congratulations on successfully planning your meals! Remember to stick to the menu and practice discipline. You do not have to deprive yourself though. Set aside a “cheat” day where you can eat whatever you want to eat. Just be sure to go back to your menu the day after! Good luck!


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