How To Use Mirrors in a Wedding Centerpiece

Are preparing for your own wedding? Do you have a problem in decorating the tables in your wedding reception? Well, consider using mirrors. They can easily render an elegant and beautiful touch not just to your set up but also to your wedding centerpieces. Mirrors can let your wedding centerpieces look larger. They can also lend a more dramatic appearance.

Here are some tips on how you can properly use mirrors in your wedding centerpieces:

  • Source the mirrors. You don’t have to go far. You can order the mirrors straight from a home improvement store or a craft outlet in your locality. Prefer the one-foot-square type. It is ideal for your wedding centerpieces. Find time to check out the mirrors. You have a lot of styles to choose from. And you don’t have to worry about the cost. Most of them are quite affordable, even the smoked glass.
  • Set up the mirrors on the table. Your goal is to be able to use those mirrors as base. So, you should start by forming them on top of each table. There is no limit on the actual number of mirrors that you plan to use. You can place as many as you desire. You just have to consider the size of your wedding table. But, normally, four mirrors is enough and suitable. You can form a 2’ x 2’ as base.
  • Prepare the wedding centerpieces. You can arrange flowers in a vase or you can display fruits in a bowl. They can already serve as your wedding centerpieces. As much as possible, prefer flowers and fruits that are colorful so you can expect a nice reflection off your mirrors.
  • Add personal touch. If your wedding centerpiece is a vase full of flowers, prepare some confetti, glitter, or flower petals. Sprinkle them on the mirrors. Make sure that the color is consistent with your wedding theme. It is always safe to favor the neutral hues like silver or gold.
  • If you are aiming for a more dramatic rendering, scour for good tea lights. You can put one piece on each of your table’s mirror base. The reflection of the tea light can create an enchanting effect, especially if your wedding reception is at night.
  • Now, if your budget isn’t limited, you can favor framed antique mirrors. They are definitely more dramatic than the square mirrors that you can get from you’re the home improvement store or the craft outlet in your locality. You can position one large mirror on each of your wedding table. And then, you can cover it with loose flowers. Flower petals are going to look great on it, too.

Don’t limit your imagination. Experiment. Play with your ideas. Think of ways how those mirrors can intensely enhance your wedding centerpieces. Figure out how those mirrors can aid in reflecting the light. Once you have achieved the right angling or positioning, you can easily treat your wedding guests with an exciting array of colors and images. That can automatically make your wedding totally unforgettable. You may brainstorm with your family and friends for some wonderful ideas. You can also refer to some on-line sites for further suggestions.


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