How To Use Naturopathy to Treat Food Allergies

There are certain foods that cause allergic reactions when eaten. Food allergy is characterized by itching of certain parts of the face, inability to breathe, swelling of the face, etc. Food allergy happens when a certain food is ingested and it has components that your immune system is sensitive to. When the food is swallowed, the body releases histamines which trigger an allergic reaction. The most common foods that people are usually allergic to are peanuts, seafood such as shrimp, crustaceans (crabs, lobster, etc.) and squid, egg and shellfish. You really do not have a way of knowing what foods you are allergic to until you eat them. There are medications, antihistamines that you can take before or after eating the offending food. But don’t you think that natural ways of treating food allergies are better and safer? This article will give you tips on how to use naturopathic remedies to get rid of your food allergies.

  • Diet. Eliminate the foods that give you allergic reactions in your diet entirely. If you keep eating them, they will only get worse. There are foods that contribute to the production of histamines, or substances that cause allergic reactions. Some of these are mackerel, tuna and cheese. Foods rich in anti-oxidants are what you should be eating. They block the production of histamines.
  • Acupuncture. Would you believe, even food allergies can be treated by acupuncture? If your food allergy is severe, go to an acupuncture clinic and an expert in acupuncture will know which pressure points to insert the needles in to treat your of your food allergy. Traditional Chinese medicine has many cures for many kinds of illnesses and diseases. The methods used are all-natural, non-invasive and free of chemicals and drugs.
  • Herbs. There are certain kinds of herbs that you can use to treat food allergy. However, severe anaphylaxis should not be treated by these herbs as they will not be effective. Some of these herbs are chamomile, peppermint oil and ginger. Consult an herbalist for more herbs that you can use for your food allergy.
  • Yoga. Doing yoga can aid in the relief of allergy symptoms. There are certain types of yoga poses specifically designed for the relief of food allergy. These are the fish, headstand, thunderbolt and seated forward bend. Do yoga while still making use of other naturopathic medicines for food allergy to ensure the overall relief of the symptoms.

Why is it that the most delicious and nicest foods are the ones that usually give us allergies? You are limited to what you can eat by food allergy. Sometimes when the allergy is so severe and treated immediately, it can be life threatening, especially when the manifestation is the inability or difficulty to breathe. Airways and the throat swell, making it hard to let air in an out. If this happens, do not wait for it to pass. Go to a doctor at once to be given proper medical attention. When you are allergic to certain foods, avoid them altogether. Do not risk having an allergy just because the food is so sumptuous and mouthwatering.


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