How To Use Oxy Clean on More than Just Laundry

Oxy Clean is a powerhouse when speaking of removing stains on clothes. Almost everyone will agree on how helpful it is to have this detergent for everyday laundry jobs. However, do you know that Oxy Clean can serve you even beyond your laundry tasks? Believe it or not, this product can do wonders even if you get it away from your dirty clothes. Here, check out these tips in using Oxy Clean for other jobs than laundry:

  • Use Oxy Clean on hard surfaces. You can use Oxy Clean to clean hard and shiny surfaces such as linoleum and tile flooring. You can use this product by wiping down the surface with Oxy Clean-soaked sponge and rinsing it afterwards with water.
  • Use Oxy Clean on your sink. This works especially if you have grimy dishes. This product will help you get rid of the grime left in the sink after washing the dishes. One-half scoop of Oxy Clean can do wonders in the kitchen sink.
  • Use Oxy Clean on the toilet. Are there stains that are hard to manage in the shower or toilet? Do not worry that much because Oxy Clean can be of help to you. You can make a paste out of Oxy Clean and a little bit of water. Apply this on the stained area and rub it off. When you rinse the area with water afterwards, you will be surprised on how Oxy Clean works against stains. In fact, this will work for any kind of stain.
  • Use Oxy Clean on kitchen counters and kitchen floors. If your tiled counter or floor is stained, the paste you have used for the shower can help you the same way. In fact, the Oxy Clean paste can help you get rid of all kinds of stains such as those brought by wine, blood, coffee, mildew, mold, and other foods.
  • Use Oxy Clean to add sparkle to your carpets. When you are cleaning the carpet, add a full scoop of Oxy Clean in the carpet shampooer. This will help your carpets get an extra sparkle.
  • Use Oxy Clean on wood fences. Even those fences in your yard can be cleaned by this product. Any stain clinging on the fences can surely be defeated by this detergent. To use Oxy Clean for this purpose, mix one-eighth scoop of Oxy Clean and two full cups of lukewarm water. Put these two ingredients in a squirt bottle and shake the container off to mix the water and powder together. Spray this mixture to the wood fences and scrub the surface with a hard-bristle brush. Leave the mixture on the wood fences for 10 or more minutes. Get rid of the mixture afterwards by spraying the fences off with water.

It is great to know that your number one savior in your laundry jobs can be an all-around cleaning agent at home. If you think of the various more ways you can use Oxy Clean at home, you will be surprised on how practical and helpful this product is for you at home. So the next time there are stains in any surface at home, you already know what to look for and that is none other than Oxy Clean!


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