How To Use Ozone Therapy to Treat Chronic Fatigue

Ozone therapy is ringing a bell when speaking of chronic fatigue. It is now popularly known to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, which is at least effective to some patients of this condition. This therapy is geared towards increasing the body's level of antioxidants and boosting the immune system to fight off the symptoms brought by this condition. If you are curious as to how ozone therapy is used to chronic fatigue treatment, check out this following guide:

  • Know the two different options when speaking of ozone therapy for chronic fatigue. You can choose either ozone sauna or ozone suit for this treatment method. Before making a decision, it is important that you understand how each of them works and how it can be of help to you. Also, find ozone practitioners in your locality. If you are picking ozone sauna for your condition, make sure that the practitioner is operating an ozone sauna. The same is true if you are choosing ozone suit. Make sure that the practitioner you will be dealing with is offering this kind of service to help you with your chronic fatigue.
  • Schedule a consultation with the practitioner. It is always best to discuss your condition to a practitioner before booking for any appointment for ozone therapy. This way, you will be guided in terms of the proper options, the things you need and not need to do, and the like. Once you are settled, set an appointment with the practitioner for your therapy sessions.
  • Use an ozone sauna to help you treat chronic fatigue. If you have chosen this option, know how this system works. First, make sure that you have showered and cleaned yourself thoroughly before hitting the sauna. In most saunas, the temperature is usually around 104 Fahrenheit. As you stay in the sauna, breathe the purified oxygen inside and stay there for around 30 minutes. The sweating and the deep breathing while in a sauna are responsible for administering the ozone to your body. This therapy is known to increase white blood cells in the body, which in turn boosts immunity.
  • Use ozone body suit as a chronic fatigue treatment. Prior to submitting to this therapy, make sure you take a warm shower so as to open the pores in your skin. Most practitioners have a hot shower available in the office where you can do this. Then, let the practitioner wrap the ozone body suit to your unclothed body. The practitioner will guide you in sealing the suit in the wrists and ankles. Also, expect that there is an output tube that will connect the ozone to the suit. Wear this ozone suit for around 15 or 40 minutes as you let the oxygen to enter your pores and body.
  • Repeat the ozone therapy as necessary. For ozone sauna, it is recommended to be done once a week until such time that you are eased out of the symptoms of chronic fatigue. On the other hand, the ozone suit treatment must be done twice a week until benefits are experienced.

There may not be proven facts yet regarding how ozone therapy can be of help to treat chronic fatigue. However, given that this is a safe kind of treatment, there is nothing you can lose if you try it. You can also consult a medical professional first to ensure positive benefits out of this therapy.


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