How To Use Tea Tree Oil for Warts

Tea Tree Oil, an essential oil originating from Australia, can also be called melaleuca oil. It is call Tea Tree Oil because its leaves can be used on trees even though the actual oil is toxic. It is widely popular today for possessing antifungal, antiviral, and antiseptic properties. Some beauty products even use it. It can be diluted because using pure tea tree oil may cause irritation to the user. Even if it lacks its uses for food and beverage, people benefit from its healing properties. It can treat skin cuts, infection, fungal infections, and yeast infections. It can also naturally treat warts. Thanks to its anti-viral properties. Warts are tiny, rough tumors that usually occur on your hands and feet. These are caused by viral infections and are contagious. You may find them gone after several months. However, they may recur and last for several years. Treating warts consist of numerous options. You may go for laser therapy or salicylic acid if your dermatologist prescribes it. However, you may also opt for the natural treatment which is using tea tree oil. It may just be less costly for you. To know the instructions, just follow the guidelines below

  • Wart treatment for feet. If your warts are on your feet, just apply tea tree oil to it for about two to three times a day. You may not dilute it because the feet’s skin is thicker. Thus, they are less sensitive compared to the skin on other body parts. However, if you believe that you have really sensitive skin and there is a high probability of getting irritation, you may dilute it using aloe vera gel or water. Fifty percent dilution would be enough.
  • Wart treatment for other body parts. When your warts are on other parts of your body besides your feet, you may dilute your tea tree oil also with aloe vera and water. In this case, it is not recommended to use pure tea tree oil since normally, tea tree oil is too strong for the skin. Fifty percent dilution will also do. You may increase dilution level depending on the reaction of your skin to the treatment. Remember that the removal of the warts will be faster if the tea tree oil solution is stronger. But, it is also important that your skin is safe from irritation while being treated.
  • Use tea tree oil at night. You may match this daily treatment with another overnight treatment using tea tree oil. This will make the oil penetrate into the skin much faster. Thus, the virus causing the warts will be eliminated faster, too. Just make a fifty percent-diluted tea tree oil solution using olive oil. Use an adhesive bandage for this. Get the gauze part and soak it into the solution. Cover your wart and just leave it overnight. Do this every night. When you see that the wart has been removed, you may stop.
  • Wart treatment for the genitals. You may use your tea tree oil in treating genital warts provided that there’s no open and irritated skin. Make a fifty percent dilution of tea tree oil solution using water. Use a gauze bandage again and soak it into your solution. Remove excess moisture. Place your gauze o the infected area. Leave it for the night. Just keep doing this every night and only stop when the warts have disappeared.

It is vital the in this treatment that you assess the level of sensitivity of your skin. If the solution you made causes irritation, increase the dilution level by adding more water, aloe vera gel, or olive oil.


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