How To Use Teeth Whitening Gel

Flash that great smile and show off those white and sparkly teeth of yours. That is, if they are indeed white and sparkly.

There are several options in the market to whiten your teeth. Aside from regular brushing, use of mouthwash and dental floss, you may need some help from a teeth whitening gel to make your teeth radiant white.  It has been proven to be very effective if used properly. Another good thing about using a teeth whitening gel is that it would not harm fillings and artificial dental work of your teeth.

If you want to have that perfect smile, here is how you can use teeth whitening gel to help you achieve that.

  • Purchase a teeth whitening gel.  These days, teeth bleaching products are sold even in groceries, over-the-counter at drugstores and in supermarkets.  You will have a lot of options, but you need to make sure that you are getting an effective product.  Ask your dentist if he can recommend a good brand.  You can either purchase it from your dentist directly, if he sells one, or get one elsewhere.  Also search the Internet for options. Just make sure you read reviews before purchasing.  If the product is too cheap, be doubtful, as it may be substandard.  It may not be effective and even irritate your gums and tongue if exposed to it.
  • Use a fitted tray.  You will need to make sure that your whitening gel does not go to waste.  Use a fitted tray that will help direct the gel to your teeth and keep it there for a several minutes to an hour. You can go to your dentist and have a specialized one for you. It may be possible to use alternatives, such as a mouthpiece. If you purchased your whitening gel over the Internet, chances are, the same website offers fitted trays as well.  The important thing to keep in mind is to make sure the fitted tray does not extend to your gums.  Teeth whitening gels can make the gums very sensitive temporarily when exposed to it. Also, having the gums soaked to the gel can irritate it.
  • Read the instructions.  Teeth bleaching gels come with instructions on how to apply.  Read the instructions carefully, and follow it.  Each brand may come in different usage guide so do not assume on how to use it.  Bleaching time also depends on how strong the bleach is. Most people prefer bleaching the front upper and lower teeth first for the first few applications.  This will help you gauge if the bleach does work.

If you feel that your gums are getting irritated due to the bleaching gel, stop using your current brand and switch to a milder one.  Expect to encounter sensitivity of tooth and gums after you apply the bleach.  This will stop after a few days and after your bleaching sessions are stopped.

Ideally, stay away from colored foods for 2 days after application for best results.  It may take several sessions of bleaching before you get the whiteness you like.


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