How To Use the Church Newsletter as a Marketing Tool

Most Churches have a Church Newsletter, which is religiously printed and made available as a stack for people to have easy access to whenever they enter the Church. But sometimes, the Church Newsletter ends up getting ignored, with lots of wasted paper left scattered on the floor or fluttering away with the wind. The reasons the Church Newsletter gets ignored can vary in many ways; for some it might be because they were not sure if they were allowed to get a copy, for others it might be simply because the newsletter did not contain any interesting content. For a Church Newsletter to become more effective and useful, you might need to start viewing it more as a marketing tool than just a newsletter. Here are ways how to do that and thereby increase both the readership of your newsletter, which may lead to even more churchgoers taking part in the listed upcoming events.

  • Go beyond the Church. Sometimes people are not that interested in simply grabbing a copy of something that is stacked in one corner. While making sure there is a sign that says “Please take one” might encourage more people to get a copy, there will always be those who will not do so, thinking that it might be meant for a particular group, or meant for something else.

    If you live in a small friendly community and you are part of the religious group that made the newsletters, you might want to consider taking time to distribute copies personally. You can visit your neighbors and hand them a copy of the newsletter. This can also show how active the community group is and encourage others to take part in the future.

    If you are not sure who in your neighborhood goes to your Church, then it might be better to try to compile instead a list of the names and addresses of those who do. Ask your Church for assistance in getting a mailing list started. And if funds permit, consider having the newsletter sent to them by mail. This could be a pleasant surprise for them when they get home from a long day at work.

  • Make it part of your activities. Do you take part in outreach programs as part of your group’s activities? Why not include distributing copies of your newsletter when your group visits hospitals, nursing homes and prisons? Encourage your fellow members to have copies of the newsletter with them to give out when they go to retirement homes or handle charity events.

    The newsletter can be made more personal and meaningful by having personal touches on it. Consider having an area in the newsletter, which greets newcomers in the neighborhood. Or maybe even add an uplifting column for those who are currently working overseas, or are doing their part in the military. Send an extra copy to families whom you know have a family member abroad and suggest to them that they send the extra copy to their loved one. If you are tech-savvy, you might want to create a pdf version of the newsletter and actually email it to your group members. This might even be more convenient and cost-effective, and shows that your Church is not afraid to have a more modern touch in reaching out.

  • Don’t forget! Not everyone will want a copy. Whether it is a physical one or an Internet attachment, it will be normal for some people to not want to have a copy of the newsletter. Do not take offense if this happens. Do not even try to convince them otherwise. Simply thank them for taking the time to inform you and make it a note not to give them a copy in the future.


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