How To Use the Shower to Relieve Stress

Stress is a normal part of every day life. Whether the stress comes from family, finances, your job or driving in traffic, you need to find ways to cope with it. Learning to manage stress in a healthy and natural way is essential to good health and happiness. One of the easiest things you can do to relieve stress is to take a shower. That’s right! Through the simple act of taking a shower, you can find immediate stress relief and feel better and more relaxed in minutes. Here’s how.

  • Rest a bit before you hit the showers. Allow your body to decompress a bit when you get home. If you’ve been on your feet all day, it’s a good idea to take off your shoes and elevate it to allow your feet to rest. Loosen your clothes or change to at home clothing. Allow your body to cool down a bit before you take a shower. It’s best to save the shower at the end of the day when you are done with all the chores, so you can get a good sleep right after.
  • Use the warmest setting you can stand. After you undress, turn on your shower and set it at the warmest temperature. The warmer the water, the more relaxing it will be. Warm to hot water helps ease muscle aches and soothes tired muscles. Also, the steam that will be created can help open up your nasal passages so you can breathe better.
  • Use the pulse massager on your shower head if you have it. Invest in a massager shower head if possible. Set it on your desired massage setting, such as pulse, and place it on your back to help relieve tired muscles.
  • Take deep breaths. Close your eyes and relax inside the shower. Imagine all your stress and tension being washed away as you lather and rinse. Breathe deeply the steam and allow it to open your pores and cleanse you.
  • Use an aromatherapy shower gel. Use a shower gel that contains lavender, eucalyptus or other essential oils. The scent will help further relax you.
  • Stand in the shower for a few extra minutes and visualize. Take a few extra minutes in the shower to help you relax. On most days, you can shower to get clean but for days when you need to relax, enjoy the moment of isolation. Imagine not only getting physically clean, but that you are energized and cleansed of all worries and tension. You can stay in the shower and pray, meditate or visualize a happy, healthy and relaxed you.

As soon as you are done, step out and wrap yourself in a clean and soft towel. You’ll immediately feel the difference in your energy level and disposition. Massage your skin with some oil or lotion to keep your skin soft and further ease your tension. Play some soft music or sip a glass of red wine to further help you unwind. Finally, don’t engage in further activities that will get your stress level up, so save the bill paying and all other stressful activities at a later time.


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