How To Wash a Chenille Throw

A chenille throw is ideal to be kept in the sofa or in the car for sudden gush of chill. The delicate fabric provides instant warmth. Chenille throws are also nice additions to the aesthetic side of your interior. You can drape it over the back of a sofa or fold it three times and place on top of a divan. Its colors and designs will surely give the room an interesting twist. On cold nights when you just want to lounge in your living room to watch TV all evening, a chenille throw can surely provide you comfort.

Chenille is a term that is used to refer to a caterpillar in France. While most fabrics use the names of the fibers which are used in order to make them, chenille uses the process in which it was made.

  • Maintenance. Chenille is quite difficult to maintain, as it requires special care in washing. While most quilts can be washed just like ordinary fabrics, you need to be attentive in washing chenille so that its softness will be maintained. Chenille, when not washed attentively, may shred, and lose its softness. Chenille is not ideal for homes with kids. Thus, stains are difficult to remove in chenille throws so do not use chenille near areas where you frequently eat or drink to avoid any accidental spills.
  • Hand washing. The most ideal way to wash chenille fabric is to use your hands. When washing chenille fabric, separate it from the rest of your laundry. Prepare some cold water and mild detergent to be used in washing this kind of fabric. Do not rub the fabric together so as not to create friction, which can barely damage the fabric. If there are no stains on your chenille throw, then you can just soak it in water with detergent and gently shake the fabric so that the detergent can seep through. When you’re done, do not wring the fabric too much. Drain the excess water by squeezing it out gently. Let it dry.
  • Washing machine. If you do not prefer to have a hand wash, make sure that you separate the chenille from the rest of the pile. Chenille requires different machine settings compared to your regular laundry. Pour in cold water on a high level onto your machine and add some mild detergent. Choose a low setting or a gentle setting from your machine. You can use your machine’s spin dryer to dry up your chenille throw. Use a low setting with the dryer as well. As an added tip, you can put you chenille throw inside a pillowcase in order to minimize the shredding of the fabric.
  • Dry clean. If there are difficult to remove stains on your chenille, it is best to send it to professional dry cleaners, as they know how to handle the stains better than you do. This may be an expensive option, but your chenille fabric may have cost you more when you purchased it. Send it to the dry cleaners on occasions wherein the stains are no longer manageable.

It’s best to allow your chenille fabric to dry up by hanging it on a well-ventilated room. Do not hang your chenille throw outdoors, as the harsh sunlight may turn the fabric crisp. When washing with your regular laundry, do not let the chenille throw come in contact with the rest of the pile to avoid discoloration or color transfer. Do not use harsh chemicals or detergents in washing the chenille. Read the label to know more about the throw’s washing instructions.


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