How To Write a Business Relocation Letter

There are a number of reasons why relocating a business may be an ideal option. It could be a means to allow the business to expand, moving into a location where it is more conducive for financial growth. Another reason for relocation is when the current site the business is in is no longer practical to maintain. Should you be in a situation where the need to relocate should arise, it is always best to let clients, suppliers, and investors know exactly where your business will be re-establishing itself. That way, they can be assured that the company is still very much around, and that they can still continue doing business with you, wherever you may be.

When kept in the dark, these very important people can take their business elsewhere, which would certainly be a loss to your company. A business relocation letter prevents this from happening. By communicating with all the people who are involved one way or the other with your business, you are saving yourself from losing them completely. Informing them of your new whereabouts will make it much easier for them to get in touch with you anytime they need to. Here are some guidelines to preparing a proper business relocation letter.

  • Prepare a list of all the people you will need to inform. As a business establishment, there are several people who will need to be informed about your new location. This list would include not only clients and suppliers, but also banks where you take your business to, government offices you are involved in, and other important entities that you must maintain communication with. Making personalized letters for each group is necessary, as your business dealings with one will be different from the other.
  • Include all pertinent information regarding your new business location. The most important parts of your letter are all of the contact details of the area you will be moving your business to. This includes your exact address, new contact numbers, and your new business name, should you decide to change that as well. If you have a website, you can also make use of it as a medium to let people know about where you are relocating. Along with your letter, you may also want to include a map, which will make it easier for them to locate your new site.
  • Thank the people who have been involved with your business. Your letter must contain words of appreciation for the continued support of the people who have helped make your business grow, one way or the other. This will be a nice gesture and at the same time, a message that you are looking forward to dealing with them no matter where you may be. If possible, let them know why it is necessary for you to relocate, but that your service to them will remain the same. Ask for their understanding and let them know that you are still counting on their support to show that you value their contributions to your business.

Relocating a business does not necessarily have to be a big problem for as long as you follow the correct procedure in going about it. A good business relocation letter will keep people well-informed about you and let them know that nothing changes with the business, except the address.


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