How To Write a Newsletter for Parents

If you’re an educator or a school owner or administrator, it’s essential that you always keep in touch with the parents of your students. One of the best ways that you could do this is by creating newsletters for the parents. Here are some guidelines to help you successfully complete this endeavor:

  • Use available tools. Because of user-friendly programs such as Adobe, Microsoft Office Publisher or even Microsoft Word, virtually anybody can create professional-looking and highly polished newsletters with minimum cost. Invest some time in learning these programs, so you would be able to truly maximize their potential.
  • Have a core group who will accomplish the newsletter. Remember, publications such as newsletters are more easily managed if there are lots of different contributors, versus if there is just one or two. Involving a lot of personnel into the production of the newsletter will also ensure a greater sense of ownership and involvement. Do assign one point person in charge of collating all the contributions and organizing them into one newsletter.
  • Plan the details of the newsletter. Some of the details that you might discuss include the following: how regularly you will publish the newsletter, the number of copies that you will produce, the number of pages, whether it’s going to be colored or not, whether you will outsource the publishing or handle the task of duplicating it yourself.
  • Determine the parts of the newsletter. Some of the parts you could consider putting in it include the following: reports on previous school activities; information regarding upcoming school activities; tips for effective parenting; a display of children’s artwork, poems and articles, etc.
  • Involve the parents. You could include columns written by parents; this will give them the feeling that they are truly actively involved in their children’s education. In addition, you could engage them in the preliminary meetings about the newsletter: you could ask the opinions of parent representatives as to what they want the newsletter to contain.
  • Involve the students. Nothing elicits enthusiasm from the parents more than knowing that their kids are participating in an endeavor. Include columns written by children (and their pictures too!) and you can be sure that the parents will look forward to receiving copies of their newsletter.
  • Provide room for feedback. To ensure the constant improvement of your newsletter, it’s a good idea to have an avenue where parents could make their opinions known. After all, the newsletter is aimed for the parents, so it’s just right that you make sure that the parents truly find it helpful.
  • Inquire whether the parents would rather receive hard copies of the newsletter, or email versions. If you have a small school, it could be manageable for you to ask every parent whether it will be more convenient for them to actually receive printed newsletters or just emailed versions. This won’t just help you save up on printing costs and help preserve the environment; you’d be helping the parents cut down on the clutter at home.

There you have it!  These are some of the pointers to remember if you are looking to write a newsletter for parents. It’s so easy and manageable to create newsletters, and it provides substantial benefits that could make this project one of the best things you could do for your school. Good luck and hope this helped!


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