How To Write a Sales Training Manual

The sales department is considered to be the driving force in any company. You may argue that the high quality products and services that are affordably priced will sell themselves but, the truth is that without a finely tuned sales team peddling the goods, the target revenues a company desires will never be met. Yes, the sales department is probably the most important component of any business. And, this is why it is critical that every person in that department is properly trained and educated with the intricacies of the product they are supposed to sell and the strategies on how to sell the product effectively. Remember, the more sales, the more revenue. And, more revenue will always mean more profit.

A well-written and comprehensive sales training manual is the key to getting your sales staff up to speed. This manual will not only provide them with extensive knowledge about the product they are to sell but will give them proper training in the different effective sales strategies for it. To give you a more specific idea on what a sales training manual should contain, here are some of the elements that you should focus on.

  • The introduction. The first section in the sales training manual should focus on immersing the individual into the sales culture. Begin with their primary and secondary objectives based on their functions as a sales person or representative. Continue on with a discourse on the various incentives and bonuses that each sales person will receive per sale or whenever a specific sales target is reached. Make sure to include a clear and defined sales process to educate the individual how he will act from sale to delivery of the product. This will include all the departments he will have to coordinate with, the software that he will need to use, and the filing of all the necessary paperwork. Aside from these, you will want to include some sort of contact page, which displays the contact information and role of each individual in the company.
  • The product. The next element in the manual should be dedicated to the product. This portion should contain detailed information about the product such as specifications and descriptions. Remember that a sales representative will be better equipped to sell a product if he knows about it in full detail. And, this should include knowing how to use the product. On that note, you may want to provide real samples of the product to the sales staff as a supplement to learning more about it.
  • The strategies. Immediately after the product section, you should have the sales strategy section. This section should have a detailed pricing guide for the product, complete with bulk purchasing discounts as well as payment terms. This is one of the most important references that the sales team will use, so make sure that it is clear and detailed. Aside from the pricing guide, you will want to have a mini section devoted to selling the product. It should discuss the different strategies that can be used, the selling points of the product, and a number of common situations that a sales rep may encounter. Make sure to divulge information about the competition as well to prepare your sales team for battle. Inform them about the pricing, strategy, and selling points of the competition. A little market research is all you will need to complete this part of the manual.

Finally, end the manual with a list of company policies and rules that each sales staff should adhere to. This is not an employee handbook, so the information here should be for the sales staff only.


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