How To Write an Effective Sales Letter – 10 Tips

The success of your sales career depends on the effort you exert on your job as well as the strategies you employ to reach your quota or even go beyond it. There are sales persons who just content themselves with their usual route because it is their comfort zone. The outcome of their sales is nothing extraordinary perhaps, but they do deliver the goods just the same. But then again – everything is stagnant and there is no growth.

One guaranteed method to surpass your current sales performance is by going out of your way to promote your business. To achieve this you can write an effective sales letter to clients. Here are 10 tips that can guide you:

  • Know what your prospective clients need and want. Make sure your products and services coincide with their requirements because you do not want to get caught unprepared when you receive orders for goods that you are not able to provide.
  • Open a good rapport with the clients. Be able to lay the foundations of faith, honesty and trust between you and the people you serve. Gather factual opinions from your existing patrons and include their testimonies in your letter so that you may form an impressive impression of yourself to your prospects.
  • State your purpose at the beginning of the letter. Do not make the prospects guess what you are up to as they will lose interest. Indicate immediately the kind of business you have, the products and services you offer and why they should give it a consideration.
  • Focus on the advantages that the client will get from what you sell. Instead of just enumerating the awesome qualities of your product, point out in your letter the reasons why the client has to give it a try.
  • Express your willingness to pay them a visit to further discuss your proposal. A face to face meeting with your client is one way of further promoting your product. Nothing can be more compelling for a customer than to see you in person as you present to them in actual meeting the product you are offering.
  • Write a cool sales letter. You need to sound professional and business-like in your letter however you have to do away with too much formality. Vary your salutation. Instead of saying the usual “Dear Mrs. Brown”, you can say “Hi, Mrs. Brown!”
  • Establish personal connection with your prospect. Say in your letter some personal experiences that the recipient can relate well to. Be as human as possible for after all, your prospects are human beings.
  • Observe proper letter writing form. Write short paragraphs and observe proper indentions as well as punctuation marks. One paragraph should consist of a maximum of three to four sentences.
  • Mind your grammar and word usage. It will be a big turn off for your prospect if your sales letter is pitifully written in bad grammar. Choice of words is also important and of course correct spelling is essential.
  • Mention in your letter about special offers, discounts and other plus advantage packages from your company. Nowadays, to be really successful in the sales department, you need to compete with others by offering the best bargain to your clients. However, do not overdo your special offers to a point that you are virtually giving away your products. This is not a good indication and your prospect might think you are so desperate to score sales points.

Always remember that the objective of your sales letter is to offer answers to the needs of your clients. You do not sell just to make money. You sell to help people find answer to their problems and necessities in life.


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