How To Buy Cat Furniture

Cat furniture comes in all varieties of shapes, sizes, colors, and uses. If you have cats, you'll want to invest in a few pieces of cat furniture to give your kitties a place to do their scratching and frolicking away from your own furniture. Here are some tips to keep in mind when making your choices.

  1. Consider your living space. Do you have a lot of room where you can put a large cat tree, or would you be better off with a scratching post or two? Measure the space if it's a large one so you'll know what size furniture to buy for your cat.
  2. Cat furniture should have a wide, solid base. Your cats will be jumping and playing on the furniture, so ensure there is no risk of the item tipping over with vigorous use.
  3. Check the construction of the furniture. Cat trees, or anything they will be climbing on, should be solidly built.
  4. Cats don't care what color their furniture comes in, so feel free to choose what you like or what will blend in with your existing decor. Keep in mind that as it gets used, cat furniture will start to look worn in. Displaying your new cat tree in the middle of your living room might be cute at first, but eventually you'll want to put it somewhere less conspicuous.
  5. Cat furniture comes in all kinds of textures, from smooth and silky to rough and scratchy. The best items for your cats are those that combine different textures to allow them to scratch and play in one area, and rest in another. Carpeting, wood, and sisal rope are all great textures for cats to enjoy.
  6. Pieces that feature little extras like toys hanging from them or tunnels inside actually do provide better value for your cats. The more things they can do with a single piece, the better value you'll be getting for your money.
  7. Remember that cat furniture will need some upkeep on your part. Carpeting gets really ragged after time, so you'll want to trim the overhanging pieces. Wood will need to be checked to make sure it's not splitting or causing splinters in your cat's paws. And anything with fabric or carpet will need a good vacuuming every now and then. Take care of your cat furniture and it will last a long time.
  8. You can use your cat furniture to train your cats not to scratch your own furniture. If the cat starts putting their claws in the wrong place, pick them up and carry them to their scratching post or other item. Continue to do this, and eventually your cat will learn where to scratch and play.

While cat furniture can be expensive, if you do your homework and shop around you'll be able to find pieces that your cats will love. Saving your own furniture and knowing that your cats have their own place to do the things they love to do will give you both peace of mind, and value for your money.


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