How To Breed Rabbits: Facts and Information About Rabbits

Learn About Breeding a Pet Rabbit for Show or Sale

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We have all heard the phrase, 'breed like rabbits,' but to a person who is looking to actually do so, the task can be problematic. Whether you are breeding for show, or simply for the experience, it is a very pleasant and amazing event once you learn how to do it properly. 

There are many things you must consider in this process. The following will give you facts and information about rabbits as well as teach you how to breed them.

  1. Is your rabbit in heat? There are only a few days in the span of a month when your rabbit will not be in heat. They have an extremely quick breeding cycle and can be bred at almost any time. One sure fire way to tell if your doe is ready is to check whether she is a bit swollen and purple in her vaginal area. That is one signal that she is ready.
  2. When should you breed and how? If at all possible it is a great advantage to be able to house your two rabbits near one another for about a week before the breeding. This will allow your doe to become acclimated to the buck. After this, the first step is to always put the doe into the buck's cage for breeding. This will prevent territorial problems. From this moment on it is extremely important to watch your animals. You may need to reach in the cage from time to time to get your doe moving. When the actual breeding takes place it will be quite evident, often times the buck will fall to one side of her. After they have bred 2 - 4 times you may separate them. Wait one hour, and then repeat the process all over again.
  3. What to expect after breeding? A rabbit's gestation period is 28 to 32 days long. At about 27 days it is best to put the doe in the nesting box, which is a simple box made of wood, with a top and open hole in the front. When your doe is ready to give birth she will pull hair from her chest area and stomach to keep the kits warm, but it is still a good idea to put hay or straw in the box.

Breeding pet rabbits is generally an easy and fun process once you learn the facts and information about rabbits. They have a short gestation period, making it fun for kids and families to see. Here's hoping there are healthy kits in your future and good luck!


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