How To Buy Hamster and Guinea Pig Cages

Purchasing a cage for your Guinea Pig or Hamster does not have to be a hard task. These two types of furry critters do require very different types of cages however, so now we will go through a simple list and description of the items both animals will require.

Guinea Pigs:

Your Guinea Pig, if it is a baby, is going to grow to be about 32 oz. or 2 lbs. The first thing you want to do is make sure that you buy a cage large enough. You will want the cage to be 12 - 18 inches deep and at least 18 - 32 inches long. Height is not a major issue, but at least a foot is good. You want to make sure your cage has an open bottom. No wire bottoms! This is because your Guinea Pig's toes can easily get stuck in the grates, and this can be dangerous for them. This will allow you to put pine shavings in the bottom as bedding and litter. Make sure the cage has an opening big enough for you to reach inside and remove the Pig from the cage. Many cages will have a solid bottom and wire frame around the top, these are the best.

Some items to put in the cage:

  1. Water Bottle
  2. Food Crock (preferably ceramic, they will not chew it that way)
  3. A Pigloo, or plastic Igloo, or any other type of hide out. Pigs love to lounge and sleep in these during the day since they are nocturnal.
  4. A toy of some kind, Tubes for them to lay in, or even a cat ball with a bell.


A Hamster is going to require a very different cage. The cage that you purchase for your Hamster will mostly be made of plastic. It does not have to be, but a plastic cage will ensure your Hamster stays in a moderate climate and they will be less likely to chew it. As with the Guinea Pig, buy a cage without a wire bottom. This will keep their small toes safe! Many of these cages come with tubes and towers and other fun items for your Hamster to crawl through. They are not necessary but are fun for the animal and owner alike!

Items to include in your cage:

  1. A Wheel - this is necessary for your Hamster to get its exercise at night
  2. Water Bottle
  3. Food Crock - a ceramic one is best, but plastic will do, although they may chew it.
  4. A hideout - this is nice but a lot of times Hamsters will just bury themselves in shavings or make a nest in the tower or tube.

Hamster and Guinea Pig cages are not hard to find. They can be found at just about any local store or pet store. They range in prices from $20 all the way to $100. Price does not necessarily determine the quality however, so purchase the one that best suits your family life and surroundings.


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