Feeding Rabbits: Pet Rabbit Care, Facts and Information

Tips on Feeding Bunnies with Rabbit Pellets, Raw Veggies and More

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Feeding your rabbit is an easy task! The hard part is knowing how much to feed him, what to feed him, and where to get the feed. Learning the right way to feed him is part of proper pet rabbit care. You're probably wondering, "What do rabbits eat?" These facts and tips will help you understand their diet.

Here are a few good ideas to get you and your rabbit on the right track to a healthy lifestyle.

  1. What to feed your rabbit: There are many misconceptions when it comes to what rabbits eat. Here are some pointers:
    • Rabbit Pellets. Rabbits are perfectly happy and healthy to eat a steady diet of pellet food for the good portion of their lives. This is indeed part of a healthy diet. There are many kinds of pellet foods. For an adult, try to find hay-based pellets, as opposed to the alfalfa-based ones. Once you find one that you are satisfied with, it is best to keep your rabbit on it, as switching will upset him. Look for pellet feeds that have low calcium content. If you have a smaller breed, consider getting a feed that has a lower protein percentage such as 15% - 16%. Larger breeds can have protein from 16% - 20%. If your rabbit has a weight problem, avoid feeds with corn in them.
    • Roughage. A rabbit needs roughage to avoid getting hairballs. Not only that, but they love to munch. That's where Timothy Hay comes in. This hay provides much of the roughage they need and provides the chewing that entertains them. Try to find Timothy Hay that's green, an indication of its higher nutritional value.
    • Veggies. Veggies and fruit are part of a balanced diet, and often the favorite part! However, it's important to recognize that they should never be fed exclusively veggies and fruit. An average rabbit, depending on size, could be fed around 5-8 ounces of veggies and fruit spread out through a day, along with the customary pellet and hay foods. Talk to your vet about appropriate food servings.

  2. how much to feed rabbitsWhat NOT to feed your rabbit: Rabbits are fond of vegetables, but not all fruits and veggies contain ingredients that are suitable for them.
    • You should definitely limit the amount of calcium-rich veggies and fruits you feed them. Calcium can ultimately cause health complications.
    • Absolutely never feed your rabbit cauliflower! This is vital information! They are unable to pass gas and cauliflower will cause them to need to, which puts their lives in danger!!!!
    • Any  fruits and veggies should be bought from a store and cleaned, rather than picked from your neighborhood or backyard. These backyard harvests often contain hazardous chemicals and pesticides.

  3. How Much to Feed Your Rabbit: This all depends on their size. Small rabbits (2lbs - 6lbs) are fine on about a 1/2 cup to 1 cup daily. Larger than that should have 1 cup daily, possibly a cup and a half if they are over 10 lbs. Ones that are pregnant or nursing kits should always be free fed. Once again, talk with your vet to determine proper food servings for your particular breeds. 
  4. Where to get Rabbit Food: Part of taking care of a rabbit, is finding the best food possible.  Pellets can be found at any local grain elevator, farm supply store, or pet store. Timothy Hay can often be found in the same location. Often the feed found at grain elevators or farm supply store will be of a higher quality, and the employees will often be more knowledgeable about it.


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