How To Care for Boston Terriers

The original Boston Terrier, a pit-fighter and product of U.S. breeding, came into the world when a Boston man bred a French Bulldog with the cross between an English Bulldog and the extinct English White Terrier. While the Boston Terrier (sometimes called Boston Bull) now prefers to be around people and possesses the heart of a "lover," there are some male Bostons who will become "fighters" if they feel challenged. This breed exhibits black and white, brindle and white or brown and white coloring.

The key to selecting a Boston that is not overly aggressive or "neurotic" is to purchase your pup from a reputable breeder. There are some backyard Boston Terrier breeders who are careless in their breeding practices. These breeders are just in the business to make money and have no thought to keeping the bloodlines of their pups free of dominant tendencies.

  1. When you first acquire your Boston Terrier, you should take her to the veterinarian, who will administer vaccinations and educate you about conditions or ailments that may arise in your dog. Boston Terriers can develop breathing difficulties due to their short faces. This breed can easily overheat in the summer and become ill in the winter if they are put under stress due to the extremes of weather. Also, Boston Terriers have prominent eyes which can easily be injured.
  2. You should begin training your Boston when he is a pup. This breed is extremely sensitive to the tone of voice and mannerisms of their owners. Be mindful that this breed is very intelligent and a curt reprimand of "no" will generally suffice - continual berating of the dog may produce a timid or depressed dog.
  3. This breed may take longer to housebreak than other breeds, but is best suited to indoor living due to its sensitivities to weather.
  4. Very friendly with children, the elderly and even strangers, Boston Terriers know their manners and are very alert to their surroundings. They'll get along with other pets in the home, but if your Boston male is very dominant, he may fight with other dogs.
  5. The Boston Terrier does not require much in the way of exercise. This breed will do well living in an apartment in the city. However, they do form strong attachments to their owners and like to follow their owners everywhere they go. Thankfully they love to be held, because you'll love holding them! Boston Terriers need to be petted and loved and may become depressed if they are left alone for much of the day.
  6. Boston Terriers are very easy to groom. Simply comb and brush them when necessary. Mainly to keep their eyes clean, try to wipe their faces with a damp cloth every day or two. You should also check their ears for ticks or dirt.


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