How To Adopt a Dog

If you are hoping to make a new dog part of your family, you have numerous options. The most obvious has you going to a breeder or a pet store. Of course, this could be costly depending on the breed you are hoping to purchase. This makes the option of adopting a dog a very appealing idea to some people. It is much cheaper to adopt a dog and you are offering a very valuable service by taking a dog without a home into your family.

Adopting a dog should be an overall easy task that is rewarding not only for you, but also for the dog. The following tips will help you to decide how and where to adopt your dog.

  1. Make sure you're ready to adopt a dog. While the idea might be appealing, that does not mean you are suited for adopting a dog at the present time. Depending on the breed, you may need a home with lots of outdoor room for the dog to run and little children may or may not present an issue with the dog. Obviously, your child should come first so if your child and dog will not mesh, you may have to wait awhile longer before you get your dog. Before you plan to adopt a dog, take a good look at your family to make sure the situation would be fair to your family and the dog. Remember, when adopting a dog you are often taking in a pet that has been abused or abandoned in some way. You do not want to add to this by adopting a dog only to have to abandon him as well.
  2. Consider where you want to adopt your dog. You can find numerous places that handle pet adoptions, though the most popular are going to be your local humane society, the local dog pound, and animal breed rescuers. Each option has pros and cons that depend upon your goal. Each option has a different cost and may produce different breeds that you can choose from when picking out a dog. Consider each option when you want to adopt a dog.
    • The Humane Society - Many people choose to adopt from the Humane Society because the Humane Society is working to save the lives of dogs who may have been abandoned. Many times, dogs will be brought in who were loved, but their owners had to move or give them up for some reason. This makes the Humane Society one of the most appealing options.

      There is a small fee you must pay to purchase a dog from your local Humane Society. This fee will vary from area to area. The Humane Society has its downsides though. Not all dogs have medical histories available when they come to the Humane Society and some dogs have been abused and rescued. An abused dog can be unsafe as they can snap in self-defense.

      Ultimately, the goal is to adopt a dog suitable for your living situation. If you have children, make sure you know the history, temperament, and medical details of the dog in question before making your purchase.

    • Animal Breeder Rescues - Animal Breed Rescuers are similar to the Humane Society in their desire to help save animals. The nice thing about Animal Breed Rescues is that they often rescue a specific breed. You will find purebred dogs that may have lost their homes. If you want a specific type of dog, you can find exactly the breed you want.

      These animals are often well cared for, and while some dogs may be victims of abuse, other dogs just need to be given a new home since they have lost their old one due to circumstances out of anyone's control.

      Animal Breed Rescuers often allow you to adopt a dog for a low fee (or no fee at all). They are just happy to give the dog a caring, loving home. The breeder will also pay for care while the dog is under their wing and nurse the animal back to health if necessary.

    • The Dog Pound - The dog pound is another option for finding a dog. Not all areas have dog pounds. Some just have a Humane Society. The dog pound is the place dogcatchers take stray dogs they find on the streets.

      The cost may be nothing more than a low fee though once again this varies. For example, if your dog escapes and is taken to the pound then you may have to pay to get them released.

      If dogs are not adopted from the pound they may be put to sleep. The Humane Society does this too, though often as a last resort. An Animal Breed rescue will exhaust all its options and very rarely puts any dogs to sleep unless the dog is severely ill and is suffering.

      At the pound you will be able to find a mix of dogs. Purebreds are a rarity, but on occasion you will find them at the pound. Most dogs are mixed breeds or mutts. If you prefer a nice mixed breed, then the pound is the place to go. Often, the worst problem with these dogs is they have been abandoned and can sometimes be malnourished as a result.

  3. Search by breed. If you are looking for a dog you should try and narrow down the kind of breed you are interested in. By doing this it will give you a better chance to learn what breeds have specific care needs and any possible issues those dogs may have. This will also allow you to determine where you can adopt one of those dogs. If you are planning to choose a specific breed and you are firm in your choice then you will want to search for only the areas that have that dog. You might not have good luck at the dog pound or animal shelter if your preferred breed is rare. One good place to start your search is on the computer. Using a search engine, you can type in the name of the breed, followed by rescue, and your area. This will bring you to pages that offer rescue pet adoption services in your area.
  4. Some links where you might find help locating a dog you want include The Dog Breed Information Center, American Kennel Club, and All Breed Rescue.

  5. Submit an application for adoption. No matter where you choose to adopt a dog, you are going to have to submit some form of application. This is very important because the rescuers or the humane society will want to know that the dog is being placed in the right home. Depending on the area and the organization, you may find that you need to deal with a home study visit to ensure the dog is going to be safe in your care. If you go to a breed rescue organization they may allow you to fill out an application even if they have no dogs currently. If this is the case, they should allow you to move to the home study and complete the adoption application process. From there when a dog is available that suits your family, you would be able to adopt the dog.
  6. Adopt your dog and enjoy the new addition to your family. It is very important, when you bring your new dog home, that you obey any instructions given by the adoption agency that you chose. In most adoption scenarios the dog you adopt has been neglected or abused and therefore has specific care needs. You will want to take extra special care of your new family member. However, in most cases with the love and support of your family your new dog will be fine in no time!


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