How To Choose a Horse Trailer

Choosing a horse trailer is an important decision to a horse owner. The horse owner must take into consideration what will make the horse or horses traveling in the trailer comfortable and safe. The horse owner must also think about which trailer will be best for his situation.

When considering a horse trailer, the horse's needs are important. These are:

  1. Room Take into consideration the size of your horse or horses. If you have more than one, consider the size of the largest horse. It may be a good idea to measure your largest horse and take the measurements with you to the trailer sales location. If you have these measurements, then you will have an idea on the amount of room inside the trailer.
  2. Light The amount of light inside a horse trailer is important because horses are naturally leery of dark spaces. A horse trailer that has ample lighting inside will make loading and traveling easier for the horse and owner.
  3. Ventilation Ventilation is important when hauling a horse, especially in a more enclosed horse trailer. With good ventilation, the horse will not have to tolerate the odor and heat inside the trailer.
  4. Safety The safety of the horse or horses being hauled must always be considered. All moving parts inside the trailer, such as dividers, posts, butt bars or chains, and breast bars must move freely and have a quick release in case of an emergency. All running lights and brakes on the trailer must work properly. The floor and under braces should be checked, especially if you are considering a used horse trailer.

When considering buying a horse trailer, the buyer has needs that should be considered as well. These are:

  1. Budget How much money do you have to spend on the horse trailer? It may be better to consider a used trailer instead of a new one if you can get a better trailer for the price.
  2. Amount of use If the horse trailer is going to be used frequently, the buyer may be better off looking for a heavier built trailer, even if the horse trailer does not have as many fancy accessories.
  3. How many horses will be hauled? The size of the horse trailer can be very important. If you have 4 horses, buy a trailer large enough for four horses. The buyer should decide on the size of the horse trailer early in the decision-making process as this decision affects many other decisions, such as price.
  4. Type of trailer The buyer must decide on the type of horse trailer he is interested in. A buyer who shows or camps with his horses may need a trailer with living quarters, like an RV, instead of a plain stock trailer like the one a rancher would need.
  5. Tow vehicle The buyer must take into consideration the tow vehicle being planned to pull the horse trailer. If the buyer has a four-door Dually pickup, then the size and type of horse trailer is no problem, but if a smaller pickup or a sports utility vehicle will be used, the weight and type of horse trailer will have to be considered.


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