Caring for Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Learn About Training, Grooming, and Care for This Breed

Healthy Staffordshire bull terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are medium-sized members of the Terrier group. They possess the typical Terrier tenacity, and determination. They put their whole heart into everything they do. A relatively short-haired breed, their colors vary from black to brindle, usually with a little white on their faces or paws. These dogs can be a great addition to the family if properly cared for, but they do require some special care and attention. This article will address ways you can ensure that your Staffordshire Bull Terrier is the best possible pet for you and your family.

  1. Only purchase your Staffordshire Bull Terrier from a reputable breeder.  Make a list of breeders in your area and research them online.  You'll be able to find out quickly whether they produce healthy, sociable dogs.  Once you've selected the best breeder you can find, it's important to visit their facility and check out their available puppies.  You should only select well-adjusted, socialized puppies. The puppy you pick should show a positive reaction to people, and other dogs.
  2. Once you bring your new puppy home, continue his socialization. Enroll him in puppy classes, and start his training young. Take him for daily walks on a leash in a park or another busy place. Get him used to being around children and other pets. It's important that you do this early on so that he has good and friendly dog behavior.
  3. Staffordshire Bull Terriers can be stubborn, but they are also very intelligent. They do very well in obedience or agility training. They respond much better to training with rewards than they do to punishment or harsh words. If you are positive, they will try to please you.
  4. This breed tends to be impulsive. This makes it very important that you arrange for at least some basic obedience training for your dog, especially in the first few years of life. You need to have control of them at all times. If you reinforce the obedience commands, and teach them well, you will have the control you need.
  5. Well-socialized Staffies love to meet and interact with new people but should be supervised around children, or pets they do not know.
  6. With their powerful muscles, and strong jaws, these dogs love to chew. Always have a Nylabone or beef bone on hand to satisfy that urge to chew. It is not a good idea to give them rawhide treats or stuffed or vinyl toys. They will make short work of these items, and may swallow or choke on large pieces they have chewed off.
  7. Staffordshire Bull Terriers require some form of exercise every day. Most of them enjoy walking or hiking. You can also train them to play ball or Frisbee.
  8. Their short coat requires little grooming, but it's still important to keep them clean. Run a soft brush over their coat at least once a week to remove dead hair, and to stimulate the oils in their skin. This will keep shedding to a minimum, and keep their short dark coat gleaming.
  9. Staffordshire Bull Terriers do not do well in outdoor weather extremes. They do not have a thick coat to handle extreme hot or cold temperatures. These dogs do best when they are indoor pets.
  10. Take your Staffie to the veterinarian at least once a year for a complete checkup, shots update, and heartworm check.
  11. Wipe inside the ears gently with a soft cloth at least once a week to keep them clean.
  12. They often keep their nails worn, and do not require trimming. If your Staffordshire's nails do need trimming, only trim the very tip. If you do not feel comfortable trimming the nails, consult your veterinarian or a local groomer.

One of the most important things to remember with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier is to work with him from a young age. Get your new companion used to children and other pets early in life. A great way to do this is to enroll him in puppy classes at your local obedience school.


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