Adopt a Virtual Pet Online

Adopting a virtual pet is a fun and easy way to interact with a pet, especially for those who can't have pets in their home, or if their child is too young to take on the responsibility of a real pet.

Part of the fun is that virtual pets can be more traditional-a cat, dog, or fish-or they can be exotic-a dragon, unicorn, or even bubbles!

Virtual pets can be educational, not just entertaining, if they are interactive. Some pets require that their new owner feed them, or purchase items for their new pet, while keeping an eye on the pet's health and happiness.

Steps to adopt a virtual pet online are simple. A new virtual pet owner should search for the particular agency he or she wants to go through. The new owner should have a particular type of pet in mind, as that will make the selection process much easier. Simple pets, like a virtual cat or virtual dog can be found using those search terms. Potential sites are like these: Virtualpuppy, Showdog, and Virtualkitty. Other sites for different kinds of virtual pets can be found by searching using the keywords "virtual pet" and then the kind of animal the new owner desires to adopt.

The next steps are simple! Sign up as a user for the site you are looking to adopt from. If the virtual pet is simply online, then new users will have to log into this site and return to their pets in order to play with them.

If, however, the new virtual pet is a downloadable graphic, you will need a website or journal where you can upload the pet. This will be your pet's new home. Most virtual pet websites will let you know if you'll need space on which to keep your new pet, so make sure to read carefully! Your new pet may also come with downloadable accessories to include with the adoption, or a certificate you can proudly display.

All in all, adopting a virtual pet is an easy and fun activity for anyone who wants an online pet to care for. They range from very simple-a graphic to place on your webpage-to complex-a pet you interact with, that requires vigilant care and attention. They can be interactive or static, and often they can be nearly anything you set your mind on, not just a traditional pet. Adopt one today!


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