Adopt Hypoallergenic Dogs

Just because you have allergies doesn’t mean you can’t have a pet. Many allergy sufferers decide to get a dog and keep it outside, but there maybe some dogs you can adopt and keep indoors and still be able to breathe.

Adopting a hypoallergenic dog is a great option if you have allergies. Hypoallergenic dogs or hairless dogs tend to produce less dander therefore not affecting your allergies.

You should always do your research before adopting any dog. There are many breeds to consider when shopping for any dog. Different breeds of dogs will have different temperaments. So it is important not only to get a dog that won’t affect your allergy, but also to get a dog that will be compatible with your lifestyle.

You can start your research on the Internet begin by looking up hairless breeds. Hairless breeds include the Xoloitzcuintle or Peruvian Incan Orchid.
Breeds like these are very rare. Your best option for getting a quality hairless breed is through a professional breeder. If you don’t want to go through a professional breeder you can contact your local rescue to see if they may have a hairless breed.

Talking to a local veterinarian is also a good way to find a hypoallergenic dog to adopt. Veterinarian’s typically know about the quality breeders in your area and can help you avoid getting a dog from a puppy mill. If a vet can put you in touch with a breeder you can meet and talk with there’s a better chance you’ll get the right pet for you. Not only will you get the right pet for you, but also you can see the conditions the puppy has been raised in to ensure that they are acceptable.

While chances are slim your local rescue will have a hairless breed, it is more likely they will have a hypoallergenic dog such as a Poodle, Schnauzer or West Highland White Terriers. These breeds are known as Single Coated Dog Breeds and are a good choice for adopting a hypoallergenic dog.

You can also shop online for a hypoallergenic single coated breed. By looking online the chances are greater you’ll find a dog that’s right for you or a local rescue that has a hypoallergenic dog you can adopt.

Remember there’s no guarantee that a hairless dog or single coated dog will not affect your allergies. Hypoallergenic dogs still produce allergens; they just don’t produce as many allergens as other dogs.


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