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Don't have time to walk the dog? Too busy to give a pet the care and attention that they need or simply do not have room for that thoroughbred that you have always wanted? Then fear not, you can adopt a virtual pet and get all of the fun without the fuss! From realistic virtual puppies to a world of fantasy pets, you can adopt virtual pets online and have a little fun while connecting with other virtual pet owners all from the comfort of your computer and you won't even need a leash!

You can adopt virtual pets online very easily by simply choosing the type of pet that you want and filling out a simple form with your contact and user information. Most sites that allow you to adopt virtual pets will also have some customization options available such as coloring and gender. Then you simply need to think of a great name for your new friend and before you know it you are the proud owner of a brand new virtual pet!

Depending on where you choose to adopt virtual pets from, there are a multitude of activities that you can do to get to know your new friend and show them off. Toss the ball around with a new puppy, feed your fish, or take your newly armored fantasy pet into the arena to compete with others. Owning a virtual pet can be a great adventure; however, be warned, just like breathing pets, many of your virtual pets will want attention and food to! So be a responsible virtual pet owner and learn what your pet needs and how to take care of him or her best.

So where do you adopt a virtual pet? Here is a brief list of some great choices that can help you find your perfect new pet: Neopets this is one of the more notable communities for virtual fantasy pets with a large and very active community. Other sites where you can adopt virtual pets online with a similar type of community and focus include: Marapets and Pet Nebula

If you are looking for something a bit more realistic and pet oriented give Foo Pets a try. You'll need flash to play but these adorable puppies and kittens are very realistic, just don't forget to feed them! Check out their "shelter" section to adopt virtual pets for free. Other great choices include Horseland, Fishland, and Adopt Me.


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