Adopting a Pet

The first step in adopting a pet is to identify the type of animal that one wishes to have in the home. Consider size, noise, fur length, temperament, and containment while making the selection. Once the appropriate pet has been identified, one can do some basic internet research to help assist in finding the animal selected. Most of the local animal shelters have a wide variety of animals to choose from and often pictures are posted on the website. Another great source for adopting a pet are sites like Pet Finders that allow you to search the data base of available animals by age, sex and breed. These sites allow local rescue groups to post adoptable animals on the site with photos.

Select more than one pet that meets your needs and then schedule appointments with the group to visit, or have them brought to your home. Make sure that all members of your family are present for the visit, including any four legged ones. The meeting is to allow you to evaluate the pet you wish to adopt and see how it interacts with other members. You want to make sure that everyone is there so that you can see how the animal will react and then everyone can agree on the new addition. Remember when you adopt a pet that you are not the first home and there might be additional training involved to assimilate this new member into your surroundings.

Rescue workers are also evaluating you and your family to make sure that you will be a good forever home for their little friend. The independent rescuer has spent a great deal of time, energy, and money to save this little life and want to ensure happiness from both parties. Adopting a pet is a commitment that the whole family should be prepared to enter into. Depending on the type of animal and breed, your pet can live from two to twenty years. Know the expected life span and be ready to assume responsibility of your adopted pet for the duration.

Adopting a pet is an exciting adventure for the whole family. Take the time to see several potential adoptees and get to know them. It is okay to ask for more than one visit or a trial overnight stay. The goal is a wonderful new home for the pet and a new family member for you.


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