Avoid Adopting the Top 10 Dangerous Dogs

People all around the world are dogs lovers, and consider them to be man's best friend, but what people don't know is the dangers that come along with adopting a dog. When adopting a dog from either a local shelter or humane society we are unaware of the past of the animal; we do not know what the dog has been through, how it has been treated, how much attention it was given, if it was left outside and ignored, or if it was shown a lot of affection.

Everyone may think that Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Dobermans or Chows are the most dangerous dogs, but really they aren't - any breed of dog can be dangerous based on the way they were raised and treated. In most cases an animal shelter will perform specific hands-on tests, personality tests, and anger tests on dogs before they are allowed to be put up for adoption. When a dog doesn't pass these tests they are generally humanely euthanized.

According to some sources, the top ten dangerous dogs in the world are 1. Pit Bulls 2. Rottweilers 3. German Shepherds 4. Huskies 5. Alaskan Malamutes 6. Doberman Pinschers 7. Chow Chows 8. Great Danes 9. St. Bernards and 10. Akitas. Now, just because these dogs are listed as the top 10 dangerous breeds doesn't mean that they are going to be dangerous, but care should be taken in choosing, just as it should with anything brought into the home, if you have small children.

When adopting a dog you will want to make sure that the animal does have a mild temperament, it has passed all of the evaluations and tests, and the dog isn't too old. One thing to remember when adopting a pet is that the younger the better. Once a dog starts to age so does their temper and attitude, older dogs don't like to play or be bothered, they would rather lay around and sleep.

When it comes to adopting a younger dog, they are much more playful, still have room for training and learning new tricks, rules, and habits. Most adoption agencies for animals are very cautious when it comes to making sure their animals are safe to adopt, especially if they are trying to avoid any lawsuits for adopting out violent animals that attack. You always want to make sure to ask questions, not only about the animal but about the agency, read up on them to see if they have had any complaints or problems when it comes to adopting animals, make sure they are legit, and most importantly caring and compassionate towards their animals and the people wanting to adopt them.


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