Build a Cat Enclosure

A cat enclosure is the perfect solution to allow your cats to enjoy the outdoors, yet they are also being kept in a safe environment away from busy roads and other hazards. The first step that should be taken when choosing where to build this is to decide on the best location. The area where it will be should not contain any debris or other factors that could be nuisances for the cat. Because cats especially enjoy the morning sun, it could also be best to choose a location that is facing the sun as it is rising at the start of the day, instead of an area that is in full sun during the heat of the day.

Once a good location is decided on, it is probably easiest to purchase a gazebo that you simply have to assemble together, plus it is actually cheaper to build with what is already pre-manufactured instead of building from scratch. The items that you will need are an already-built 10 foot by 10 foot gazebo, galvanized chain link fencing that is forty feet long and eleven feet high, wire cutters, a screw driver, hammer, ladder, twelve camping stakes, and a large-sized pet door. Begin your project by following the instruction manual accompanied with the gazebo, which usually requires the hammer, screw driver, and ladder, and anchor it to the ground. With the galvanized chain link fencing, start at the corner of the structure that is nearest to your house and secure the top and bottom of the fencing with a few of the plastic security ties with the extra foot of fencing, compared to the only 10-foot-tall gazebo, on the bottom. Pull tightly on the chain link fencing whenever you reach a corner and secure it with a few security ties at each corner. Once you return to the first corner that you started at, secure it with a few more of the ties, and then use them to secure the top of the gazebo, too. Once this is complete, shake each side of the fencing and make sure that there is hardly any movement. To put in the cat door, follow the instructions that are also accompanied with it, and with the wire cutters, remove a portion of the fence in the area where you would like the door to be installed. After that, secure the bottom of the structure by placing a stake about a foot to the right of the corner of the gazebo that is nearest to your home, hammer it into the ground, and attach the fence to the top of the stake with a security tie. Continue to repeat this process with each corner, except go a foot to the left of each corner. Then secure the remaining four stakes by placing each one in the middle of each side of the gazebo and attach the fencing to each one.

At last, your basic kitty enclosure is complete. You can place whatever you feel will entertain your cat inside the structure, whether it is a cat gym, toys, etc., and obviously food and water.


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