Build a Parrot Tower

Birds make great pets but they do need exercise and time out of the confinement of a cage. It is important to their overall health and well being. Some store bought parrot towers can be expensive but with a little know how, you can easily build a parrot tower yourself. Building your own parrot tower can be a fun activity.

The best place to start is with a base. It should have a lip on it to contain as many droppings as possible. It will also stabilize the parrot tower structure. This should be made of easy to clean material so the parrot tower will last longer.

The upper portion of the parrot tower will resemble a tree like structure. Don't forget to use colorful pieces in the structure. There should also be a main perch on the parrot tower where the bird will feel most comfortable.

When designing this portion of the parrot tower, look around the house for materials that can be recycled. Many old building toys would make great accessories for a parrot tower. In addition, make sure to add some tried and true bird favorites that can be bought inexpensively at a pet store.

Attaching the limbs to a parrot tower can get a little tricky. The best option is to drill into the main trunk of the parrot tower and use wood glue to attach each branch to the parrot tower. Remove any excess glue on the trunk so the bird doesn't try to eat it.

Make sure when attaching the limbs to the parrot tower they are secure and stable enough to support the bird's weight. By putting casters on the bottom of the base, it can be easily wheeled from room to room for convenience.

Don't forget to add a water and food dish to your parrot tower, especially if the bird will be spending a lot of time there. If the bird gets hungry or thirsty, they'll lose interest in the parrot tower pretty quickly.

The most important thing to remember when you build your own parrot tower is make sure all the components are safe for the bird. Most birds are going to peck and claw at the parts so keep them safe for the bird's sake.

Upon completion of the build your own parrot tower, your bird should have many hours of enjoyment.  The builder of this incredible parrot tower would have great satisfaction in a job well done.


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