Build Parrot Stands

A parrot stand is a structure that can be built with as much creativity as the builder desires. Really, it is not difficult at all, and it can even be built with everyday objects. To design a parrot stand, the only basic items required are a PVC pipe, PVC glue, and a PVC cutter. After that, the rest is up to the imagination. However, if undecided on what sort of parrot stand to build, there is one that is very simple and quick to make.

Besides the basic requirements, all that is needed to make this particular parrot stand is an old office chair, a saucer-shaped sled, branches from PARROT-SAFE TREES, and a drill. First, remove the seat of the chair, leaving the base along with the wheels. Next, drill a hole into the center of the sled and place it over the central post where the seat of the chair had existed (if there is no central post, one can be made out of a dowel). After this is done, insert the PVC pipe into the hole of the sled and over the central post. The pipe can also be spray painted, however, be sure to use metal-free, non-toxic paint. Then, get the branch and insert it into the pipe. Be sure to check that the branch is well-balanced on the pipe. Once the basic stand is completed, bird bells, bird mirrors, and other toys can dangle from the branches, and food cups can also be attached.

The more creativity that is put into the stand, the more fun it can be, for both bird and builder. No matter what sort of bird stand is decided on, though, the same safety standards should be applied. As was previously stated, non-toxic and metal free paint should be used and if branches are being used, they should be from parrot-safe trees. (There are safe and unsafe trees and wood listed at the website, Also, the actual perch where the bird will sit on should not be the PVC pipe (if that is what is being used for the stand), as it can be toxic if the bird chews on it.

The pros on building a parrot stand comparing to buying one are the cheap cost and that it can be designed to the creator’s preferences. Plus, it is very simple to do, and the items needed can even be found around the house. Not to mention it can be a fun hobby, too.


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