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In the wild, parrots fly and perch on branches; it’s a natural behavior for them. In captivity, the average parrot spends most of his life in a small, unexciting cage. They are also very intelligent birds, and when they get bored, parrots develop many different behavioral problems.

If you’re looking to add some excitement to your parrots life, perhaps you should be looking for a parrot stand. A parrot stand is a wooden structure that has at least one platform, a few feet off the ground for your parrot to perch on. Some of them have rope wrapped around them for a more natural feel while others are carpeting or just bare wood.

Parrot stands vary greatly in size and design. Some of them will have three or four perches, each one a different height from the ground, while others have only one or two but offer different extras to stimulate your parrot. Some of these could be a small ramp that your parrot can climb up, or perhaps a hanging bell or ball that your parrot will love to knock around. Some models even come with a food and water bowl attached to them so your parrot can always get what he needs, even out of his cage.

When purchasing a parrot stand for your bird, take into consideration your birds size, specie, and some of it’s natural behaviors. For a smaller parrot, you want something with perches narrow enough for your bird to grip comfortably compared to the wider perches made for a Macaw. Also, look for something that is very sturdy. You want a perch with a wide base for stability and solid wooden posts that have been securely fastened to each other. Before purchasing a model that you like however, you need to inspect it top from bottom for any manufacturing flaws.

These could be anything from a shaky post to a spot where nails are sticking out, or any other defect that could potentially harm your flying companion. Prior to deciding on any single perch, shop around just a little bit more. There may be a parrot stand that better suits your bird than the one you chose previously.

Remember, when purchasing a parrot stand, the best one is: the one that suits your bird properly, is a size you can comfortably keep inside your home, and most importantly, is a safe play area for your feathered friend to get some exercise.


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