How To Buy Pond Fish

Buying pond fish can be a fun and an enjoyable experience for many people. Some people just have a pond with no fish in it. However they are really missing out, because when you buy pond fish and stock your pond you will be provided with hours of enjoyment and entertainment, just watching the pond fish swimming around.

There are all kinds of different thoughts on what types of pond fish that you should buy. We are going to focus on koi pond fish today. First things first as they say, your best bet is to already have your pond in place before you go out to buy pond fish. Whenever you deal with fish you need to take into consideration the stress that they go through when their being transported from the shop where you purchased them to being released in your pond. That’s why you want the pond already in place so you can release them quickly and with less stress.

Koi fish are a very popular pond fish to keep. You need to be advised that they can be fairly expensive to purchase. And they have their own set of requirements that you must provide for them. Koi fish must have a large pond to remain healthy. If the pond is too small they will become stressed and may die.

When purchasing koi if money is of any importance to you then you need to realize that the fancier the fish the more expensive it will be. The larger the fish is, the more expensive it will be. Of prime importance is where you buy the pond fish. You want to make sure you go to a reputable dealer or breeder.

You need to check out the holding tanks for cleanliness and make sure there is no foam riding on the surface where you are going to purchase. Next study each individual fish for signs of ragged fins, bloody patches or white spots. You are looking for any basic signs of disease. The last thing you want to do is to bring a diseased fish into your pond with other fish you may already have.

Koi pond fish have a relatively long life expectancy of about 20 years and can get as large as three feet in length. You will want to keep this in mind when you go to purchase them from your local pet store. It’s best to purchase from a local shop where you can get to know the owner and how well he keeps his fish.


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